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Common problems in plastic injection molding

Common problems in plastic injection molding

Reasons for gas lines:
The mold venting is not good, the cold material well is improper, the mold temperature is low, the injection speed is too fast, and the raw materials are not dried well.
Strengthen the mold venting, design a reasonable cold material well position and size, reduce the injection speed, and dry the raw materials.

Reasons for shrink:
Because the product inlet is too small, the product glue position is too thick, the injection pressure is insufficient, and the mold cooling is insufficient.
Increase the rubber mouth, reduce the product glue position, increase the injection pressure and increase the mold cooling water path.

Reasons for dark spot:
It was polluted by the feeder, the drum of the dryer was not cleaned, the environment of the feeding workshop was poor, and the screw of the barrel of the machine was not cleaned.

Solution: Clean the dryer barrel and pay attention to cleaning the surrounding dust. It is best to set up a clean room and the barrel screw should be cleaned.

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