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Which is more popular between plastic bottles and facial cleansing tubes?

Which is more popular between plastic bottles and facial cleansing tubes?

When it comes to facial cleanser, it is widely used by both men and women. In this context, the market demand for facial cleanser bottles continues to grow. There are several major reasons. First, the demand for facial cleanser market continues to grow, and people are increasingly aware of the importance of facial cleanser for skin care, which naturally led to the growth of the facial cleanser market. Second, the competition in the facial cleanser market is becoming increasingly fierce. More and more cosmetic companies are entering the facial cleanser sector. This has also intensified the competition in the facial cleanser market on the other hand, and has also led to an increase in the demand for facial cleanser bottles.

At present, there are mainly two types of packaging for facial cleansing products, they are plastic bottles and facial cleansing tubes. So, which one is more practical? First of all, the facial cleanser tube is easy to squeeze, and the facial cleanser is more in the form of lotion. In contrast, the facial cleanser is not squeezed. Secondly, the cost of the facial cleanser tube is relatively lower than that of the facial cleanser bottle, and the cost of the facial cleanser bottle is relatively higher. Once again, facial cleanser bottles are more upscale in appearance, and facial cleanser tube give people a cheaper feel.

Which one is more practical,It still needs to be treated differently. It should be distinguished according to actual usage.

Three types of cosmetics using cosmetic plastic tubes

Plastic cosmetic tubes are made of PE materials, which are widely used plastic materials. It is suitable for the production of cosmetic tubes. It has the advantages of softness, corrosion resistance and size. It can be used for facial cleansing, eye cream, hand cream and other cosmetics. The tube is durable and reliable, and the price is reasonable. It is neutral in all packaging. The ratio is higher, the following three common tubes are available for everyone to choose from.

First, plastic facial cleanser tube

The reason why the facial cleanser tube is made of plastic is because the plastic tube is easy to squeeze and convenient to use, and the capacity can be customized between 10ml and 500ml.

Second, plastic eye cream tube

Eye cream tubes are high-end cosmetics that have become popular in recent years. Commonly used combinations are plastic PE tubes and electrodeless zinc alloy vibrating heads or three balls.

Third, plastic hand cream tube

Every year since August, the factory began mass production of hand cream tubes. The capacity of hand cream tubes ranged from 30 ml to 80 ml. The most popular ones were 30 ml tubes, which were usually equipped with octagonal caps.

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