Can perfume be brought on board an airplane?

Can perfume be brought on board an airplane?


Perfume is classified as a liquid cosmetic product.

According to the regulations outlined in the “Civil Aviation Administration: FAQ on Passenger Carry-on Baggage Security Measures,” passengers are not allowed to carry perfume bottles with an individual volume exceeding 100 milliliters (mL). The perfume must be placed in a transparent plastic bag with a maximum size of 20x20cm, which can be resealed (only one sealed bag containing liquid containers is allowed). The total volume of liquid within the sealed bag in the carry-on baggage must not exceed 1 liter (L).

Example scenarios:

(Allowed) Jo Malone 30ml x1, Toner 50ml x1, Styling Spray 50ml x1 (all volumes are less than or equal to 100 milliliters)

(Not allowed) CK 200ml x1, Dolce & Gabbana 50ml x1, Hermes 30ml x1 (CK exceeds 200 milliliters)

*Note: The determination of milliliter measurements is based on the volume indicated on the bottle, not the amount remaining. Therefore, if you have a perfume bottle with a capacity of 100 milliliters, but only 30 milliliters are left, it is still considered 100 milliliters. If you want to make the most of the milliliter restriction, it is recommended to transfer the perfume into smaller bottles.

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