Common ingredients for cleansing products

Common ingredients for cleansing products

  1. Soap-based ingredients

Most products containing soap base have good foaming power and deep cleansing effect, and are often used in products targeting at oily skin.

Disadvantages: Water PH>7 and strong irritation, not suitable for long-term continuous use, it is necessary to use the calming ingredients to alleviate the irritation caused by soap base.

  1. Oily ingredients

Oily ingredients are  a part of makeup remover, and it can clean makeup and oil-soluble dirt with emulsifiers. It can be divided into three main classifications: mineral oil, vegetable oil, and synthetic ester.

  • Mineral Oil: thick touchness and oily texture
  • Vegetable oil: good skin-friendly effect, light texturesuch as jojoba oil.
  • Synthetic esters: artificial ingredients that have both the effect of dissolving makeup and the function of emulsification. Feels fresh, lubricated and non-greasy after washing. However, many synthetic esters are acne-prone, so you need to clean them thoroughly after use.
  1. Exfoliating ingredients
  • AHA(Alpha Hydroxyl Acid)

The first-generation hydroxy acids, such as glycols, have small molecules and strong permeability. They can accelerate keratin exfoliation and promote keratin renewal by lyzing the interstitium of keratinocytes. In chemical peels commonly used for hydroxy acid, the effect depends on the concentration. The higher the concentration of hydroxy acid or the lower the ph, the more exfoliating the product is. Generally, the concentration of hydroxy acid above 10% belongs to the high concentration, which shall not be used continuously for more than half a year.

The second and third generation of hydroxy acids are represented by gluconic acid and lactose acid. Compared with glycolic acid, they are relatively mild and suitable for long-term use. With excellent antioxidant and moisturizing ability, they can promote the growth of collagen and interstitium, which is suitable for daily maintenance. It should be stressed that after using hydroxy acid products, you must use at least SPF15 during the day.

  • Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid also has the function of accelerating aging horny exfoliation. Different from hydroxy acid, salicylic acid has good fat solubility and is easy to penetrate into hair follicles, which is more suitable for oily and acne prone skin. General salicylic acid concentration in about 2%, PH4 below the product can achieve good results. Although salicylic acid penetrates the skin more easily than hydroxy acid, it is less irritating than hydroxy acid due to its anti-inflammatory effect. However, it does not have the effect of hydroxy acid, which can promote collagen and interstitial growth. It is more commonly used in acne skin care products.

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