Common Ingredients for Skin Care · Centella Centella

Common Ingredients for Skin Care · Centella Centella

skin care ingredients Centella Centella

What is Centella Centella?

Centella centella not only has medicinal value, but also has a strong effect in beauty, with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, promote wound healing scar repair and anti-aging and other functions.

Centella centella with its excellent star effect, accumulated hair, almost become the beauty and skin care industry snow skin care oil.

(1) Anti-oxidation

Promotes skin metabolism, increases skin elasticity, and replenishes nutrients.

(2) Promote protein regeneration

Regenerates fibrin, helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and leaves skin firm and smooth.

(3) Relieve allergy

Centella asiatica contains a variety of A-aromatic resin-based triterpenoids that have calming and calming effects, and when added to skincare products, they can help calm the skin and relieve allergies.

(4) Inhibit edema

Centella asiatica has the effect of clearing heat and detoxification, reducing moisture and swelling, and helping to repair damaged skin tissue.

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