Common sauce packaging we use in the market

Common sauce packaging we use in the market

Sauce packaging is usually made from a variety of packaging, such as plastic bag, glass bottle, metal tin, paper box, plastic bottle, and so on. Such kind of packaging can product the sauce from oxidation, moisture and heat.The sauce packaging is widely divided into three types, which are glass, plastic and metal.

Glass: the advantage is its transparency, the products can be seen from the glass bottle body, you can choose by the products you see. Besides, glass material is stable enough to keep the product a long time. But the disadvantages are also obvious, for semi-solid, poor fluidity of the sauce is not easy to pour, in addition, for the sauce that is easy to oxidize in the light, it is not conducive to dark preservation, for this reason, some will use brown glass.

Plastic: it includes plastic bottles, plastic bags, the advantage is its light shielding properties, for the sauce with poor fluidity can be used by extrusion, but for some squeezable sauce, the plastic material is not that suitable.

Metal tin: the advantage is also that it has good shading and sealing, and has a long shelf life, which is suitable for liquid and semi-solid seasonings that are not easy to preserve, and the disadvantage is that it is inconvenient to open, and sometimes tools are needed.

There are various styles of sauce packaging. Different sauce packaging design styles are suitable for different products and consumer groups. When choosing a sauce packaging design, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of the product, the positioning of the brand, and the needs and preferences of the target consumer group, and choose the sauce packaging that is most suitable for the development of the brand.

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