How does the hand sanitizer create foam?

How does the hand sanitizer create foam?

How does the hand sanitizer create foam? It is caused by air pressure. The hand washing liquid is manually pressurized to hydraulically wash the hands. The mousse bottle is with high pressure when it is filled. It has pressure and will automatically spray as long as the bottle mouth is pressed.

Compared with ordinary hand sanitizers, foam hand sanitizers have innovative breakthroughs in function and concept. To put it simply, the foam is relatively rich, and the foam is directly pressed. It can be disposable or washed. This type of foaming hand sanitizer is relatively water-saving to clean and relatively clean and easy to rinse. The principle is that there is a special device at the mouth of the bottle to fully mix the air with the foaming agent. I haven’t seen a foam gun for firefighting. I must have done such an experiment in a middle school. The drooping paper floats to the place where the gas flows, because the fluid has a decompression effect. The foam gun has a common nozzle in the middle, and there is a hole with many holes on the side. When the foaming agent is sprayed from the middle of the sleeve, a large amount of air is drawn in from the side due to the decrease in air pressure, and it is mixed with it to generate foam.

How the airless pump bottle can be reusable

When the airless pump bottle is pressed, the bottom piston will run up to squeeze out the contents. When the contents are used up, the piston has already run to the top. You can remove the pump head and re-install it, or use a hard object The piston tops to the bottom and is ready to be used again.

Airless bottle refers to a container that can isolate gas from the outside temperature or a container that isolates external bacteria. The contents of the airless bottle can be completely isolated from the air to prevent the product from oxidizing and deteriorating due to contact with air, which can breed bacteria. The airless bottles commonly used in the market are composed of a cylinder and an oval container and a piston at the bottom. Its design principle is to use the contraction force of the spring and prevent air from entering the bottle, creating a vacuum state, and use atmospheric pressure to push the piston at the bottom of the bottle forward.

Why is the bottom of the plastic bottle recessed


The bottom of the plastic bottle is recessed to allow the beverage bottle to stand firmer. If it is a flat-bottomed plastic bottle, it is easily deformed due to the hydraulic pressure, and it usually protrudes outward, so that the beverage bottle is not stable. However, if the bottom is designed in the shape of a groove, the stress area of ​​the bottom is increased, and the pressure is reduced, so that it is not easy to deform. And even if the entire bottom does not touch the table, as long as the force is uniform, it can stand very stably. The stability of the five-claw shape is very good, so a large part of the common plastic bottles are made into a five-claw shape. Plastic bottles are usually only disposable. If you use it to hold hot water, you will notice that it will deform and either bulge or shrink. In addition to becoming strangely shaped and difficult to stand, plastic products also release toxic substances at high temperatures.

Common packaging box structure

Common packaging box structure are divided into five types: 1. Portable hand bag, because some products are large in size. In order to make it easier for customers to carry, the handles will be added to the packaging box and can be folded or hidden. 2. Heaven and earth cover boxes, they are differently round shape with tangent lines. You can open the cover to see the goods, as well as the characters and trademarks. It is easy to open and easy to take out the goods and display as well as promote the products. 3. Special-shaped packaging color boxes have various shapes such as rhombus, octagon, hexagon, circle, triangle, etc. This packaging color box uses arcs, straight lines to cut and alternate the combination of faces to produce packaging color boxes. 4. Window-type color boxes, which are divided into partial and multi-faceted windows, also use transparent plastic film, no plastic film, PET film, mainly showing the goods for consumers to buy. 5. Special box type, some add an additional accessory, some open the gap, some open the hole add a quality product, mainly based on the different uses of different products for the corresponding design. There are many types of packaging color boxes on the market, with different shapes, and the unique structure has an indispensable role in promoting product packaging promotion and attracting consumer purchases.

Why choose a PET bottle

Why choose a PET bottle

In recent years, we have found more and more cosmetic brands on the market using pet lotion bottles. So why is pet lotion packaging so popular? First of all, the glass or acrylic lotion bottle is too heavy, and the weight is not conducive to carrying out. As more young people travel, the pet lotion bottle package is more convenient to carry. It is also more portable. Secondly, with the rise of online shopping, lotion bottles often break or have other damaged conditions during transportation, while pet lotion bottles are shatter-resistant, and collisions and extrusions during transportation will not cause problems such as breakage and leakage. Once again, pet lotion bottle packaging is relatively simple to produce and low in cost, so it is also popular.

How to select a good PET bottle?The answer is choose a new material. Some plastic blow molding manufacturers will use the secondary material to process the pet lotion bottle, which obviously affects the quality of the emulsion. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the raw materials produced by the lotion bottle manufacturers. Besides, price is also important, the lotion bottles are used in large quantities, so you need to control the cost as much as possible In addition, the stability of the supply of the emulsion bottle packaging manufacturers, and the timely delivery is also crucial for the late stage of the emulsion manufacturer.

Which is more popular between plastic bottles and facial cleansing tubes?

Which is more popular between plastic bottles and facial cleansing tubes?

When it comes to facial cleanser, it is widely used by both men and women. In this context, the market demand for facial cleanser bottles continues to grow. There are several major reasons. First, the demand for facial cleanser market continues to grow, and people are increasingly aware of the importance of facial cleanser for skin care, which naturally led to the growth of the facial cleanser market. Second, the competition in the facial cleanser market is becoming increasingly fierce. More and more cosmetic companies are entering the facial cleanser sector. This has also intensified the competition in the facial cleanser market on the other hand, and has also led to an increase in the demand for facial cleanser bottles.

At present, there are mainly two types of packaging for facial cleansing products, they are plastic bottles and facial cleansing tubes. So, which one is more practical? First of all, the facial cleanser tube is easy to squeeze, and the facial cleanser is more in the form of lotion. In contrast, the facial cleanser is not squeezed. Secondly, the cost of the facial cleanser tube is relatively lower than that of the facial cleanser bottle, and the cost of the facial cleanser bottle is relatively higher. Once again, facial cleanser bottles are more upscale in appearance, and facial cleanser tube give people a cheaper feel.

Which one is more practical,It still needs to be treated differently. It should be distinguished according to actual usage.

Tres tipos de cosméticos que utilizan tubos de plástico cosméticos

tubos de plástico cosméticosestán hechos de materiales de PE, que son ampliamente utilizados materiales plásticos. Es adecuado para la producción de tubos cosméticos. Tiene las ventajas de suavidad, resistencia a la corrosión y tamaño. Puede ser utilizado para la limpieza facial, crema para los ojos, crema de manos y otros cosméticos. El tubo es resistente y fiable, y el precio es razonable. Es neutral en todos los envases. La proporción es más alta, los siguientes tres tubos comunes están disponibles para todo el mundo para elegir.

En primer lugar, el tubo de limpiador facial de plástico

La razón por la cual el tubo limpiador facial está hecho de plástico se debe a que el tubo de plástico es fácil de apretar y cómodo de usar, y la capacidad puede ser personalizado entre 10 ml y 500 ml.

En segundo lugar, el tubo de crema para los ojos de plástico

tubos de crema para los ojos son los cosméticos de gama alta que se han hecho populares en los últimos años. combinaciones comúnmente utilizados son tubos de plástico PE y cabezas de aleación de zinc sin electrodos que vibran o tres bolas.

En tercer lugar, mano de plástico tubo de crema

Cada año, desde agosto, la fábrica comenzó la producción en masa de los tubos de crema de manos. La capacidad de los tubos de crema de manos varió de 30 ml a 80 ml. Los más populares eran tubos de 30 ml, que normalmente estaban equipados con tapones octogonales.

La mayor diferencia entre la pantalla de seda y la impresión offset en tubo de plástico cosmético

La mayor diferencia entre serigrafía y offset para tubo de plástico cosmético es:
1. No hay punto en la pantalla de seda, y hay un punto en la impresión offset. Se puede ver de forma oblicua a la luz.
2, pantalla de seda es generalmente más grueso que Luo, fijan bien habrá algunas caras no suaves, impresión offset es relativamente regular, horizontal y vertical.
3, todas las imágenes (como imágenes de colores) sólo se puede contrarrestar, serigrafía.
4, monocromo común gráficos simples, texto, pueden ser serigrafía. Algunas pequeñas serigrafías tendrán algunos bordes crudos y se puede ver con cuidado.

proceso de fabricación del tubo

El proceso de hacer tubo de plástico cosmético también se llama tubo de extensión, y el equipo de producción se llama una máquina de estirado del tubo en la fábrica. La hoja de laminado impreso pasa a través de los siguientes pasos después de entrar en la máquina:

1. Recorte: De acuerdo con el diámetro del tubo para ajustar la anchura alimentación de la hoja a fin de que coincida con la barra de dibujo.
2, Shaping: La hoja es plana, tiene que usar un molde especial para convertirlo en forma de rollo.
3. soldadura de alta frecuencia: La máquina de alta frecuencia comienza a trabajar después de la placa de tubos entra en la posición de la cuchilla de soldadura de alta frecuencia. Entonces soldar la parte delantera y trasera de la placa de tubos juntos bajo una temperatura adecuada. En este momento, la placa de tubos se ha convertido en redondo.
4. Cursor Sensing: Utilizar el cursor de luz para detectar la marca de tubo cortado impreso en el material, la máquina puede distinguir la longitud del cuerpo de tubo de cada tubo. Este paso es muy importante.
5. corte del tubo: El último paso es utilizar la cooperación de la cuchilla y el sensor de cursor para cortar el tubo soldado en un producto de longitud uniforme.

introducción de impresión de tubo plástica cosmética

introducción de impresión de tubo plástica cosmética


Hay tres procesos en la impresión de hoja de tubos cosméticos. En general, la impresión offset se lleva a cabo primero en la hoja de aluminio-plástico. La mayor ventaja de esta hoja es que puede imprimir patrones de belleza y lograr efectos con calidad fotográfica, que es ampliamente reconocida por los clientes. La otra es la pantalla de seda, esta es la misma que la serigrafía se menciona en el artículo anterior. Aunque la pantalla de seda es fuerte y bello, la serigrafía no puede imprimir el patrón, sólo el texto simple o insignia se puede imprimir, y la pantalla de seda tiene el problema de posicionamiento incorrecto. Texto en diferentes colores no puede ser demasiado estrecha.

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