Features of Indirect Printing

Features of Indirect Printing

Indirect printing refers to the printing method in which the substrate does not obtain the image and text directly from the plate, but firstly transfers the image and text of the plate to the third medium, and then the substrate obtains the image and text from the third medium.Such as lithography offset printing method, that is, indirect printing.

(1) low printing pressure.As a result of the use of a good elastic blanket as a transfer ink intermediate,it do not need too much pressure to complete the ink transfer.Less pressure, less loss to the machine.

(2) printing plate wear light.The paper is not directly contact with the plate, but through a good elastic blanket and plate contact, reduce the plate wear, it is conducive to improve the printing plate resistance.

(3) good adaptability to paper. Because the blanket has a good elasticity, so that offset printing can not only print smooth paper, but also can print more rough paper.

(4) reduce the paper size deformation. Because the paper is not directly in contact with the plate, the paper absorption of water, reducing the paper’s moisture absorption elongation, it is conducive to over printer accurate.

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