Foaming hand sanitizer is more popular with consumers

During COVID-19 epidemic, many customers prefer to use foam bottled hand sanitizer.

The characteristic of foam hand sanitizer is that it is already foamed when squeezed out, which is very time-saving. In addition, the composition is not comparable to ordinary hand sanitizers. A big difference. Careful people will find that ordinary hand sanitizers are particularly easy to solidify in cold weather. Under normal weather, squeeze it out and need a lot of water to rinse. The foam is smooth and delicate, and has stronger decontamination ability.

Compared with soap, there is no cross-infection. Foaming hand sanitizer, through the pump head with magic power, directly out of rich foam, it is more convenient to wash hands, flushing is also very fast, and the water consumption is half of ordinary hand sanitizer. Our factory produces foam bottles of various capacities, welcome new and old customers to buy.

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