How do airless pump bottles work?

How do airless pump bottles work?

The airless pump bottles we saw from the market are made of a round/oval bottle body externally and a piston at the bottle bottom internally. Triggered by the force of the spring, and excluded the air by utilizing contraction force, the piston will be pushed forward afterwards. But we need to be remind that the contraction force between piston and bottle wall cannot be too strong, otherwise it wouldn’t be easily pushed forward. If too much pushing, the products will be leaked from the gas between the piston and the bottle wall, in this case, there will be a strictly request to the production airless pump bottle

Airless pump bottles can be isolated from the air totally, so that the interior products won’t be oxidized or bred by bacteria because of exposing to the air. Besides, its high quality and eye catching design attracts more brands to pay more costs to upgrade their packaging by the high end airless pump bottle.

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