Printing methods on bottles

Printing methods on bottles

There are several printing methods to print text or pattern on the surface of plastic products.
1,Silkscreen printing
This method is the most common one, it is generally suitable for flat or curvature of small print .
2,curved surface printing
Firstly put the ink into the gravure that curved with text and pattern, then copy the text or images onto a curved surface, the surface will reuse the text or pattern and transferred to the surface of a molded product, and finally curing the ink by heat treatment or ultraviolet light irradiation method.
Curved surface printing process:
A,Degreasing of the mould.
B,Surface treatment
D,Curing ink

Printing process
A,put the ink into the gravure
B,scrape excess ink
C,extrude the surface to get the ink
D,Transfer the ink to the molded products
E,clean the surface and layout

Transfer printing
Advantages:It can be administered several colors in a single operation.
Disadvantages:Low productivity and cannot get a strong opacity impression.

Under controlled temperature and pressure, using the color foils and heat mould that engraved with patterns or font

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