Aluminum foil seal film bottle jar seal gasket film

Why use aluminum foil seal?

Block the product inside the container from direct contact with the outside air. It can keep the quality of the product unchanged for a long time, and alleviate the bottleneck chipping caused by handling or transportation.
The advantages of foil seal gaskets: dustproof, waterproof,anti-breakage

Product features: sealed, leak-proof, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, fresh-keeping, anti-oxidation, effectively extending the shelf life. Suitable for sealing liquid, solid, semi-solid, capsule, dry powder, granule, syrup, pesticide, motor oil, ink and other products.
Scope of application: plastic bottles (PE / PET / PETG / PP / PS / PVC / acrylic, etc.), glass bottles, ceramic bottles, aluminum cans, plastic caps, etc.

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Laminated aluminum foil seal

Aluminum foil seal film  with no paper on the back. It needs induction sealing machine to seal it.

Structure: backing/foil/barrier/heat foil seal

Thickness: 0.08mm-0.22mm or customized

Print logo: supported

Application: glass bottle, plastic bottle, PET bottle, PE bottle, metal tin, aluminum jar, medicine bottle, food can, butter product, wine, oil, paste, liquid.
Things before order:
1. What material of the bottle.
2. What material of the lid.
3. What is the outer diameter of the bottle mouth or the inner diameter of the lid.
4. If you have other questions, or you are not clear about the matter, please consult customer service.

Machines needed for aluminum foil gasket sealing:
1. Heat induction sealing machine:
1) Insert the aluminum foil gasket into the bottle cap so that the aluminum foil is facing outwards
2) Tighten the bottle cap and place it on the sealing machine.