JH-PF-001-PET milk tea bottle candy packaging bottles

JH-PF-001-PET milk tea bottle candy packaging bottles

Why use PET bottle: PET is a food contact packaging material with good mechanical properties, easy processing, acid and alkali oil resistance, high barrier, high transparency, anti-ultraviolet and static electricity.

Advantages: As the world’s second largest polyester product, PET has a leading position in the food market by virtue of its excellent packaging performance, light weight, low price, and large quantity.


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Capacity: 250ml, 300ml, 350ml, 400ml

Material: Food level PET material

Application in the food market: Nowadays, more and more brands in the market use pet bottles as packaging containers. The products in use include bottled water, candy packaging, chocolate packaging, sparkling water, juice, milk, honey, sauce, milk tea, etc.

Certificates for PET bottle: SGS, MSDS, PET material analysis.

PET Bottle For Food