JH-PT-360-PET boston plastic bottle trigger spray bottle 500ml

Name: empty PET plastic bottle, orifice of the neck is 28mm
Material: high quality PET plastic with certified
Capacity: 500ml
Printing: Hot stamping, Silk printing, label
Usage: serum, lotion, thin cream, body cream, shampoo
Color: customized
Production Capability: 40,000 pieces per production line one day

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All the plastic products have the material safety report.

Why use PET bottle: PET is a popular material with good mechanical properties, easy processing, acid and alkali oil resistance, high barrier, high transparency, anti-ultraviolet and static electricity.

Advantages: As the world’s second largest polyester product, PET has a leading position in the packaging market by virtue of its excellent packaging performance, light weight, low price, and large quantity.