JP-200-Wide mouth jar empty plastic jar 3g 5g

JP-200-Wide mouth jar empty plastic jar 3g 5g

Raw Material: High-quality raw materials, environmentally friendly and healthy, durable jar.

Design: Exquisite and tiny design to carry around, small and light for business travel, without taking up space and feeling of weight.

Refillable: Wide mouth setting, reused and refilled multiple times.


  • Description

Product: 3gram, 5gram Empty plastic jar

Material: PS

Color: Acceptable

Use: eyebrow cream, lotion, eyeshadow, sample sack, subpackage

No leakage: Well-designed lid mold, tight and easy to open, good sealing, high-quality food-grade PS bottle body.

Color: A variety of colors for you to choose, eye attractive. Welcome to custom

Seal for jar: can seal by pressure sensitive seal, electromagnetic induction seal, heat induction seal, aluminum foil seal

Min order quantity: 500pcs

Q: How does purchase your existing product or customized my product ?

A-1: Existing product: Please go to choose your favorite product and memorize product code, determine product request (e.g.: color , lids / top, etc.) and order quantity, together with your consignee address, phone, name and port of discharge etc., please email: [email protected]

A-2: Customized your product: Please mailing your existing sample to us . If you have own design drawing ( Include material name, self weight, either color code or sample, size and configuration etc. ), please email: [email protected]

A-3: Once receive your any information or sample, we will send best price and order process to you within 24 hour and continuously follow-up services for you, answer your any problem, until your receive the goods.

Q: Will PS material contains harmful element?

A:PS is the abbreviation of Polystyrene, that is, polystyrene. It is a polymer synthesized by a special reaction of styrene monomer. It is one of the most widely used plastic materials in the world. It is a hygienic and safe plastic type. The characteristic temperature of polystyrene is: embrittlement temperature of about -30°C, glass transition temperature of 80 to 105°C, melting temperature of 140 to 180°C, and decomposition temperature of 300°C or higher. The temperature of the water in the PS material water cup does not exceed 100 ℃, and it does not reach its melting temperature, so it will not release toxic substances.