PE foam seal liner polyethylene foam cap liner for 24mm cap

• PE foam seal liner is oil resistance, good sealing, anti oxidation.better chemical performance, anti leakage.

• Material: Polyethylene foam

•  Thickness: 0.6mm-2.0mm

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Product application:

This type of seal liner fits for PE, PP, PET bottle jar and glass bottle jar, is widely used in food, cosmetics, motor oil, agriculture, hair care products, alcohol, health care products, leak-proof sealing of packaging cap/pump.

♥ Warm Tips: Donot use wrong foil seal. Please contact us to get professional suggestion.

Before buying a foil seal you need to tell us the following information

1, Seal method you would like, pressure sensitive/electromagnetic induction/heat induction

2, Container/Jar material, it is metal/glass/plastic? and plastic lid or metal lid?

3, Product shape: Liquid/oily/dried food/sauce/beans/wine

PE foam seal liner polyethylene foam cap liner for 89mm cap