Peelable PET PP inductive sensitive aluminium foil seal bottle cap inner closure

• Aluminum foil PE foam seal liner is easy to use, good sealing, anti oxidation. Theftproof, Anti leakage.

• Material: Composed of sealing layer, aluminum foil, adhesive glue layer, PE foam

•  Thickness: 0.6mm-2.0mm

• How to seal:  Heat induction/ Electromagnetic induction

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Product application:

This type of seal liner fits for PE, PP, PET bottle jar and glass bottle jar, is widely use for fruit juice, drinks, sauce, spice, vitamin, cosmetics, food, honey, chemicals.

♥ Warm Tips: Donot use wrong foil seal. Please contact us to get professional suggestion.

Before buying a foil seal you need to tell us the following information

1, Seal method you would like, pressure sensitive/electromagnetic induction/heat induction

2, Container/Jar material, it is metal/glass/plastic? and plastic lid or metal lid?

3, Product shape: Liquid/oily/dried food/sauce/beans/wine