Pressure sensitive gasket foam seal liner for PET bottles

18mm-20mm-24mm Pressure sensitive film for PET bottles

Why use aluminum foil seal?

Block the product inside the container from direct contact with the outside air. It can keep the quality of the product unchanged for a long time, and alleviate the bottleneck chipping caused by handling or transportation.
The advantages of foil seal gaskets: dustproof, waterproof,anti-breakage

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Pressure sensitive gasket

Ⅰ. Product description: Pressure sensitive gasket is a piece of seal for your bottle jar lid. When properly applied, will stay sticked to the lid until they are peeled off. All pressure sensitive foam seals have”sealed for your protection”written on it.Diameter of seal is available to custom.

  1. The pressure sensitive gasket is a single piece pressure sensitive adhesive gasket, which is non-toxic, odorless, strong in sealing and good in chemical performance;
  2. It can seal plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal bottles and tubes;
  3. It is suitable for packaging of products such ascream, honey, jam, solids, colloids, dry powders, granules;
  4. There is no need to add any equipment during use, and it has simple operation, convenient use and good sealing performance.
  5. The pressure-sensitive gasket can print the customer’s pattern, text and other information.
  6. But pressure sensitive foam seal is not recommend for liquid, water juicy and oily products. If use for water liquid and oily product, we recommend the aluminum seal foil.

Ⅱ,How to use pressure sensitive foam seal:

  1. Cleaning: the bottle mouth should not have water, oil and other substances, it should be a complete plane, and there should be no gaps, bumps, burrs, etc.
  2. Put the pressure-sensitive gasket on the bottom of the bottle cap ( The printed side faces the bottom of the bottle cap and the blank side faces the bottle mouth), and the adhesive sealing layer should be kept clean and not contaminated;
  3. Tighten the bottle cap (more than 2 hours);
  4. Unscrew the bottle cap, the pressure-sensitive gasket and the The closure is completed when the mouth of the bottle forms a strong seal.

Ⅲ, Lid seal attributes:

  1. Thickness of pressure-sensitive gasket: 0.6mm 1.0mm 1.5mm 2mm;
  2. Width of pressure-sensitive gasket coil: 330mm 350mm;
  3. Structure: printing layer / PS foam layer / sealing adhesive layer

Ⅳ,Lid seal application:

Suitable for sealing packaging in pharmaceutical packaging, health care product packaging, food packaging, cosmetic packaging, and other chemical packaging industries.