Self adhesive pressure sensitive cap gasket 68mm

Why use aluminum foil seal?

Block the product inside the container from direct contact with the outside air. It can keep the quality of the product unchanged for a long time, and alleviate the bottleneck chipping caused by handling or transportation.
The advantages of foil seal gaskets: dustproof, waterproof,anti-breakage,moistureproof

Seal foil is widely used in PET, PE, PP, PVC, PS, ABS and glass bottles containers.

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Self adhesive pressure sensitive cap gasket

Pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) in聽self adhesive pressure sensitive cap gasketis a kind of adhesive, which is Non-toxic, food grade. Can be directly used for the bonding of various materials and articles.

But in most cases, they are coated on plastic films, paper, fabrics and other substrates to make pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, pressure-sensitive adhesives Sticky labels and other products to use.

Machines required for self adhesive pressure sensitive cap gasket gasket:

Generally, no sealing equipment is required.
1) Insert the pressure-sensitive gasket into the bottle cap with the letter side facing up, the white side facing down
2) Tighten the bottle cap.

Machines needed for aluminum foil gasket sealing:
1. Hand-held sealing equipment
1) Insert the aluminum foil gasket into the bottle cap so that the aluminum foil is facing outwards
2) Tighten the bottle cap and place it on the sealing machine
2, Auto machine: Adjust the power and time of the sealing machine, press the red switch buttom.
The sealing equipment of the automatic production line can be operated according to the specific sealing equipment manual.