TR-026-50ml sunscreen cream tube

Usage: cosmetics and beauty products packaging, such as cream tube,lotion tube, serum tube, cleanser tube,hand cream tube

  • Description

Product name: 50ml BB cream tube, 50ml foundation lotion tube, 50ml hand cream tube, 50ml sunscreen soft tube
Material: PE tube
Diameter options:13mm-60mm
Length range:3ml- 250ml
Tube layer: Mono-layer, double-layer and five-layer tube
Tube shape: round, oval, super flat
Tube Color: transparent tube, white tube, pearled tube or other colored or customized
Printing type: offset printing, silk screen printing, hot stamping
Surface finish: Coating glossy or matte
Printing: offset printing, silkscreen, hot stamping, labeling
Cap options: Screwing cap, flip top cap, acrylic cap, shiny coating cap,lipstick sharp cap , eye roll on balls
Tube sealing: unsealed/circular sealing
Tube mouth with aluminum foil seal
Packaging: inner box and carton with plastic bag inside
Delivery Time: Normally 25-30days, it depends on the order quantity.
MOQ: 10000pcs
Payment method: Bank transfer
Port: Guangzhou city, China

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