Q&A on Aluminum Foil Sseals|Lid Gasket|Pressure Sensitive Sealer

Q&A on Aluminum Foil Sseals|Lid Gasket|Pressure Sensitive SealerFood grade aluminum easy peelable lidding roll film foil for cupheat seal roll flim

Q1Why will paperboard not be seperated from aluminum foil after induction sealing?
A1It is mainly because of the weak temperature. Apply it to a higher temperature, it will be seperated easily.
Q2Why aluminum foil packaging box has a better sealing effect?
A2Because the original material of the aluminum foil box is aluminum alloy, it is made of aluminum alloy through a special process and is not easy to break, so when the aluminum foil box sealing machine packs the product, there will be no leakage due to extrusion collision during transportation.
Q3 Are sealing foil gaskets toxic?
A3Aluminum foil gasket is not toxic when heated, because aluminum foil gasket is a hot stamping material directly rolled into thin sheets by metal aluminum, and the hot stamping effect is similar to sterling silver foil, so it is also called fake silver foil. Aluminum foil because of its soft texture, good ductility, silvery-white luster, if the roll paper is mounted on offset paper with sodium silicate and other substances, it can be printed
Q4Why use aluminum foil seal?
A4Its main function is to block the direct contact between the bottle mouth and the inside of the cap, thereby preventing the cap from completely blocking the contact between the internal liquid and the outside air. The quality of your food or alcoholic beverages can be kept unchanged for a long time! And alleviate bottle mouth breakage caused by handling or transportation.



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