Sealing layer in the aluminum foil sealing liner

The heat sealing property of the sealing layer:

The primary condition for aluminum foil sealing liner to fuse and seal with the bottle mouth is that the sealing layer of the aluminum foil gasket must have heat sealing property. The heat sealing property of plastic refers to the thermal bonding property that the plastic has with itself or other types of plastic after being heated to a molten state.

The commonly used films with heat sealing layers are: PE (including HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE, etc.), CPP, modified PET, and other polymer resins (such as hot melt adhesive).aluminum foil seal

Correspondence between sealing layer materials and bottle materials:

When using aluminum foil sealing gaskets, it is important to note that the material used for the sealing layer must correspond to the bottle material. The corresponding relationship between them is as follows: Sealing layer material Bottle material PE heat sealing film LDPE, HDPE CPP heat sealing film PP Modified PET heat sealing film PET Hot melt adhesive LDPE, HDPE, PP, PET, glass, ceramics

Note: Aluminum foil gaskets with hot melt adhesive as the sealing layer can seal bottles of various materials, but the sealed object cannot be volatile or corrosive. If it is a liquid substance, it cannot be sealed in a hot filling environment.

Tear ability of sealing layer materials:

Due to the continuous demand for user-friendly packaging design, the sealing layer materials of aluminum foil sealing gaskets have also been continuously improved. In recent years, heat sealing material manufacturers have developed easy-to-tear films of different materials, which makes it so that the bottle mouth does not leave any aluminum foil or sealing layer material when the aluminum foil gasket is torn open after sealing. Examples of such easy-to-tear heat sealing films include CPP (PE) easy-to-tear heat sealing film, PET easy-to-tear heat sealing film, and other high-polymer material heat films. However, these easy-to-tear heat sealing films can usually only package products that are non-volatile and solvent-free.

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