Should the cosmetics company process it by itself or find a foundry?

Should the cosmetics company process it by itself or find a foundry?

Nowadays, the main production model of cosmetics is OEM, including international brands. why?

For merchants with their own cosmetics brands and merchants with mature sales channels, choosing a cosmetics processing factory to process cosmetics is very beneficial.

It can save production costs, improve product quality, reduce the market risk of enterprises, and can Innovation and many other benefits attract more and more cosmetics brands to adopt cosmetics processing mode.

Choosing a suitable cosmetics processing factory is related to the long-term rapid development in the future, so it is very important to inspect a cosmetics processing factory.


So, how to consider whether a foundry has the strength?

1, R&D strength The ability of a cosmetics OEM company determines the height of the product. If a cosmetics OEM factory does not even have a technical research and development center, then the strength of this factory must be evaluated, because the R&D strength determines the product quality and efficacy Good or bad! When investigating the R&D strength of the factory, we need to look at the qualifications of the R&D engineers? What is the industry experience of the R&D engineer? Does the professional engineer have a research room or professional experience in developing various types of cosmetics that meet the standards for customers? How about the equipment in the research room (laboratory)? Does it meet the R&D requirements? Is it scientific? If it is necessary to conduct stability test or heavy metal test for the product, can the laboratory be able to do it? Wait for the question.

2, Production facilities Whether production equipment, facilities and testing facilities are complete is also part of the strength of the factory. For example, does the factory have sanitary standards? Has it passed the quality management system and GMPC certification? Is it a 100,000-level production workshop? Is there a department for product quality monitoring? Is there a pure water treatment system? These production facilities can guarantee product quality and product shipment issues, which will affect the customer’s product sales strategy.

3, Factory scale China used to have many small-scale cosmetics factories, and their cosmetics were sold all over the country. Since the Food and Drug Administration implemented the two-license integration, many small factories have been closed, leaving legal compliance. Cosmetics processing factory. The size of the factory reflects the strength of the factory, how many employees it has, whether it has a professional design team, whether it has advanced equipment, etc. These details cannot be ignored.

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