Where to buy bottles in small quantity

In food packaging and cosmetics packaging industries, The shortcoming of ignoring small order blocks a lot of potential customers to purchase.

How many small order is ignored by the plastic bottle manufacturer, what caused the whole plastic packaging industry of this threat? Of course, the answer is because of profit.
Small orders without profit is each manufacturer will say. Plastic bottle manufacturer told us: small order unit price the price is high, many suitors also cannot afford to that.
And for plastics manufacturers, the raw material and production process is adopted the same as large order.Factory production machines are generally for large quantities order. Small batch order cost and cost of mass production is the same, so that is is not cost-effective for manufacturer, the regular MOQ is 5000-10000pcs.
But Canvard Packaging International Co.,Ltd as far as possible let more customers can buy more small order of plastic bottle packaging. More information, please visit the official website: http://www.canvardpackaging.com

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