Will heating plastic beverage bottles cause cancer?

Will heating plastic beverage bottles cause cancer?

Plastic beverage bottles are not carcinogenic.

The current PET plastic bottles use food-grade environmentally friendly raw materials, which can be recycled and do not produce carcinogens. The plastic beverage bottles seen in daily life are all blow molded from pet plastic. But ordinary plastic bottles cannot contain high-temperature water. Because the PET bottle is relatively thin, when the bottle body is heated to about 90°, due to the rearrangement of the PET molecular chain and the internal stress, the bottle body will shrink and deform, but the deformed plastic bottle does not release toxic substances.

Moreover, you cannot drink water from hot deformed plastic bottles, so the public need not worry too much about this issue. Rather than believing in all kinds of inexplicable claims that cause cancer, it is better to develop a healthy lifestyle, such as active exercise, staying up late, and eating properly.

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