About Canvard

Canvard Packaging International Co., Limited, headquartered in Guangzhou, China, has been an industry leader in professional plastic packaging production since 2011. Our company is equipped with high-output bottle-blowing equipment, allowing us to meet a monthly production capacity of 3 million units per design. With over 200 unique bottle molds at our disposal, we can cater to a broad range of styles and customer requirements.

Our manufacturing process utilizes advanced technology, including an automatic color decoration machine, silk screen printing, and hot stamping machine for efficient and precise labeling. Additionally, our diverse array of injection and blowing machines enhances our ability to deliver high-quality products quickly.

Our dedicated team, which includes outstanding designers and mold creators, ensures a seamless one-stop service from initial design concept through to final production, printing, and packaging. We pride ourselves on our quality control system, abiding by the philosophy that “Details depend on everything.” Through meticulous management and regular training, we empower our staff to continually refine their skills and enhance their quality control awareness.

In 2012, we established our independent design department, further bolstering our competitive edge in the cosmetic packaging market. Our top-tier designers, hailing from premier art academies, provide comprehensive design solutions from initial planning to final design and printing technology. They adeptly tackle key challenges such as precise market orientation and cost accounting, ensuring your product’s successful market entry.

Our expansive sales network has cultivated firm business relationships across the globe, from America and Canada to England and Italy, as well as emerging markets in Jordan, Senegal, UAE, Singapore, and Malaysia. Our commitment to superior quality and competitive pricing has been pivotal to our global success.

Canvard Packaging caters to an array of needs within the cosmetic and personal care industries, including skincare, body care, hair care, and baby care. With over a decade of experience in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging industry, we are the go-to provider for items like plastic lotion bottles, airless pump bottles, cream jars, detergent bottles, aluminum foil seals, deodorant stick tubes, foam pump bottles, and spray plastic bottles.

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our use of new, high-quality raw materials such as PET, PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE, ABS, PETG, PVC, PS, and paper, all of which meet national standards, are BPA free, durable, and eco-friendly.

At Canvard Packaging, we strive to meet client demands and deliver ultimate satisfaction. We look forward to leveraging our professional expertise and rich experience to forge fruitful business relationships with clients worldwide. We invite you to experience the Canvard difference – where packaging expertise meets unparalleled service.

Our production base covers an area of over 10,000 square meters, integrating R&D, OEM manufacturing, and packaging. Our strengths include:
· 10+ automated production lines.
· Strong production capacity: 12 million bottles and jars per month.
· Strict quality control with ISO 9001 certification.

Our Certificates

We strive to satisfy our customers and terminal consumers by:

Carefully choose reliable, appropriate, high quality and safe intelligent cosmetic packaging products for customers;
To provide customers with not only products but also better packaging solutions;
Ensure first-class logistics support, achieve customer service that is fast, efficient and excellent;
Do research of the market development and new cosmetics development trend in advance;
We have a strong supply chain and manufacturing capabilities;
Positioning in the customer-oriented, sales and product service concept.

Our Workshops

Injection Workshop

Blow Mold

Production Line

Mission: Better Life, Better Price

  • To manufacture high quality and cost-effective cosmetic packaging products so as to provide a more convenient and enjoyable life for terminal customers.
  • Contribute to society by creating value for customers, creating employment opportunities, and cultivating talents.
  • We are citizens of the global village. Everything we do is based on the complex of contributing to a greener earth, protecting the environment and caring for the earth.
  • In Canvard, we fully committed to develop the potential of employees. While pursuing success, we regard our lovely employees as the most valuable assets; We provide a wide range of development opportunities for their growth and development; We make sure our employees work happily, being trusted and given the biggest independence to complete projects with originality.
  • We pay close attention to the health of our employees. We develop a comprehensive health plan as well as an overall health and well being policy to ensure our employees have a healthy, positive and wonderful life.
  • We are committed to maintaining healthy, win-win, interactive partnerships with our partners, and we treat our partners as we expect them to treat us.