Q&A on Aluminum Foil Sseals|Lid Gasket|Pressure Sensitive Sealer

Q&A on Aluminum Foil Sseals|Lid Gasket|Pressure Sensitive SealerFood grade aluminum easy peelable lidding roll film foil for cupheat seal roll flim

Q1Why will paperboard not be seperated from aluminum foil after induction sealing?
A1It is mainly because of the weak temperature. Apply it to a higher temperature, it will be seperated easily.
Q2Why aluminum foil packaging box has a better sealing effect?
A2Because the original material of the aluminum foil box is aluminum alloy, it is made of aluminum alloy through a special process and is not easy to break, so when the aluminum foil box sealing machine packs the product, there will be no leakage due to extrusion collision during transportation.
Q3 Are sealing foil gaskets toxic?
A3Aluminum foil gasket is not toxic when heated, because aluminum foil gasket is a hot stamping material directly rolled into thin sheets by metal aluminum, and the hot stamping effect is similar to sterling silver foil, so it is also called fake silver foil. Aluminum foil because of its soft texture, good ductility, silvery-white luster, if the roll paper is mounted on offset paper with sodium silicate and other substances, it can be printed
Q4Why use aluminum foil seal?
A4Its main function is to block the direct contact between the bottle mouth and the inside of the cap, thereby preventing the cap from completely blocking the contact between the internal liquid and the outside air. The quality of your food or alcoholic beverages can be kept unchanged for a long time! And alleviate bottle mouth breakage caused by handling or transportation.



Benefits of palm oil for hair and skin

Researchers at the American Palm Oil Association claim that palm oil is more than just a cooking oil. Rich in antioxidants like vitamins A and E, this oil is also good for protecting skin cells and promoting overall health. Palm oil also contains vitamins D and K, which are not found in other cooking oils. Because it is rich in these nutrients, palm oil is very suitable for hair and skin care.


The moisturizing ingredients in palm oil are great for hair and skin. This oil contains lipids and saturated fats that nourish the hair, so it can avoid dryness. Palm oil can be applied directly to wet hair and a shower cap can be worn. Rinse off after 30 minutes.

The moisturizing factors in palm oil promote hair texture, making it soft and easy to manage. Palm oil can also be used as a skin moisturizer. The skin absorbs what is applied to the surface, and palm oil is an excellent natural alternative to chemical moisturizers. Palm oil is applied to the skin of the face and body after bathing. This oil is relatively light, so it does not clog pores.


Palm oil contains natural antibacterial ingredients that fight acne bacteria. In addition to moisturizing, this oil also helps to cleanse the skin. Dryness can lead to skin irritation and sensitivity, which can lead to acne. Due to its bactericidal effect, applying palm oil when the skin is cut or scratched is also beneficial in promoting wound healing. In addition, it is helpful in preventing dry scalp and acne.


Palm oil is rich in important nutrients. These vitamins are also essential for healthy hair and skin. Both vitamins A and E are free radical neutralizers. Free radicals are unpaired molecules in the human body and can therefore cause cell damage. The vitamins contained in palm oil defend against free radicals and protect hair and skin cells.

Common Ingredients for Skin Care · Centella Centella

Common Ingredients for Skin Care · Centella Centella

skin care ingredients Centella Centella

What is Centella Centella?

Centella centella not only has medicinal value, but also has a strong effect in beauty, with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, promote wound healing scar repair and anti-aging and other functions.

Centella centella with its excellent star effect, accumulated hair, almost become the beauty and skin care industry snow skin care oil.

(1) Anti-oxidation

Promotes skin metabolism, increases skin elasticity, and replenishes nutrients.

(2) Promote protein regeneration

Regenerates fibrin, helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and leaves skin firm and smooth.

(3) Relieve allergy

Centella asiatica contains a variety of A-aromatic resin-based triterpenoids that have calming and calming effects, and when added to skincare products, they can help calm the skin and relieve allergies.

(4) Inhibit edema

Centella asiatica has the effect of clearing heat and detoxification, reducing moisture and swelling, and helping to repair damaged skin tissue.

How skin can benefit from vitamin C

How skin can benefit from vitamin C

Skincare products containing vitamin C provide sun protection, a stronger skin barrier against pathogen infections, and more even skin pigmentation. Regular use of vitamin C products also increases the natural collagen production needed for soft, smooth skin. Some vitamin C skincare users report a noticeable reduction in signs of aging such as wrinkles. Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant to help reverse skin damage caused by environmental toxins.

Vitamin C cleansers are often used on oily skin prone to acne. This skincare product is often effective in balancing the amount of sebum secretion and helps treat existing skin damage. Some cleansers also have a scrub effect that helps exfoliate and remove dead cells from the skin’s surface. Oversecreted oil often mixes with dead cells to clog pores and, as a result, acne breakouts. If you don’t like the heavy use of powerful drugs such as benzoyl peroxide, skin care with vitamin C is an option for treating acne.

Vitamin C skincare products also improve the skin’s ability to fight off infections. Treating skin surface irritations such as dermatitis and eczema with lotions or serums containing vitamin C can lead to a shorter recovery with less itching or burning. Applying this nutrient to a variety of skin abrasions or blemishes also reduces the risk of more serious infections.

Skincare experts warn that some vitamin C skincare products are less effective when opened and exposed to oxygen. Therefore, it is best to use it up before the expiration date. Oxidized and expired vitamin C lotions can also sometimes increase the amount of toxins in the skin.

Skin damage caused by sun exposure can benefit from vitamin C skincare. Harmful UV rays can significantly increase the number of toxins such as free radicals on the surface of the skin. Similar skin lesions can occur in places with high levels of air pollution. This toxin is mainly responsible for collagen depletion, which can lead to age spots and loss of skin elasticity. Vitamin C skincare products help regenerate the skin and maintain the collagen replenishment it needs.

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Moisturizing Secret : Amino Acids

Moisturizing Secret : Amino Acids

Amino acids are the basic substances that make up proteins and are the natural moisturizing factors of the body. Its small molecular structure is very easy to be absorbed by the our body, and play a good role in replenishing water, moisturizing and softening the skin, anti-wrinkle, whitening, and refreshing.

It can activate cells, promote skin metabolism and blood circulation, but also has the effect of efficient moisturizing, help skin effectively moisturize and hydrate.

Amino acids can not only smooth dry lines, but also strengthen the skin resistance function to protect the skin, prevent and improve dry skin.

moisturizer bottle packaging

What are the benefits of amino acids to the skin?

  1. Hydrating and moisturizing

Amino acids can activate cells, improve metabolism and blood circulation, promote skin rejuvenation and bid farewell to dull and dumb. Its highly effective moisturizing function conforms to the changes of seasons to strengthen the skin moisture, keep the water plump and moist. More hydrating effect than ordinary hyaluronic acid.

      2, Anti-wrinkle and anti-aging

Amino acids maintain enough collagen and elastic fibers to give skin a smooth, supple texture. It can also remove excess free radicals from skin cells and effectively delay skin aging.

      3, Enhance the ability to resist sensitivity

Enhance the lymphatic system detoxification and detoxification function, effectively block the external harmful substances to the skin invasion. Improve skin anti – allergy ability, decomposition and excretion of harmful substances and aging cells in the body.moisturizer bottle packaging

Why are amino acid cleansers so popular?

Amino acid cleanser is the most skin-friendly and gentle cleanser of all. Its biggest feature is the efficient cleaning at the same time, gentle skin, low irritation, children and sensitive skin can be used.

Amino acid facial cleanser uses weak acid amino acid surfactant, PH value is very close to the PH value of the human body, while cleaning efficiently, it can also lock the facial moisture, the skin will not appear dry or tight feeling after washing.

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Common ingredients for cleansing products

Common ingredients for cleansing products

  1. Soap-based ingredients

Most products containing soap base have good foaming power and deep cleansing effect, and are often used in products targeting at oily skin.

Disadvantages: Water PH>7 and strong irritation, not suitable for long-term continuous use, it is necessary to use the calming ingredients to alleviate the irritation caused by soap base.

  1. Oily ingredients

Oily ingredients are  a part of makeup remover, and it can clean makeup and oil-soluble dirt with emulsifiers. It can be divided into three main classifications: mineral oil, vegetable oil, and synthetic ester.

  • Mineral Oil: thick touchness and oily texture
  • Vegetable oil: good skin-friendly effect, light texturesuch as jojoba oil.
  • Synthetic esters: artificial ingredients that have both the effect of dissolving makeup and the function of emulsification. Feels fresh, lubricated and non-greasy after washing. However, many synthetic esters are acne-prone, so you need to clean them thoroughly after use.
  1. Exfoliating ingredients
  • AHA(Alpha Hydroxyl Acid)

The first-generation hydroxy acids, such as glycols, have small molecules and strong permeability. They can accelerate keratin exfoliation and promote keratin renewal by lyzing the interstitium of keratinocytes. In chemical peels commonly used for hydroxy acid, the effect depends on the concentration. The higher the concentration of hydroxy acid or the lower the ph, the more exfoliating the product is. Generally, the concentration of hydroxy acid above 10% belongs to the high concentration, which shall not be used continuously for more than half a year.

The second and third generation of hydroxy acids are represented by gluconic acid and lactose acid. Compared with glycolic acid, they are relatively mild and suitable for long-term use. With excellent antioxidant and moisturizing ability, they can promote the growth of collagen and interstitium, which is suitable for daily maintenance. It should be stressed that after using hydroxy acid products, you must use at least SPF15 during the day.

  • Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid also has the function of accelerating aging horny exfoliation. Different from hydroxy acid, salicylic acid has good fat solubility and is easy to penetrate into hair follicles, which is more suitable for oily and acne prone skin. General salicylic acid concentration in about 2%, PH4 below the product can achieve good results. Although salicylic acid penetrates the skin more easily than hydroxy acid, it is less irritating than hydroxy acid due to its anti-inflammatory effect. However, it does not have the effect of hydroxy acid, which can promote collagen and interstitial growth. It is more commonly used in acne skin care products.

What is an airless pump bottle?

What is an airless pump bottle

Airless pump bottle refers to a container that can isolate the air from the outside temperature or a container that isolates external bacteria.

Its contents can be completely isolated from the air, preventing the product from being oxidized and deteriorating due to contact with the air, breeding bacteria, and improving the product grade with its high-tech design.

The airless pump bottle commonly used in the market is composed of a cylindrical or ellipsoid container with a piston placed at the bottom. Its design principle is to use the contraction force of the spring to prevent air from entering the bottle to create a vacuum state, and to use atmospheric pressure to push the piston at the bottom of the bottle forward.

However, since the spring force and atmospheric pressure cannot give enough force, the piston cannot be attached to the bottle wall too tightly, otherwise the piston will not be able to rise and move forward due to excessive resistance; on the contrary, if the piston is to be easy to move forward and material leakage is likely to occur, Therefore, airless dispenser bottles have very high requirements on the professionalism of manufacturers, and not all manufacturers can produce airless pump bottles.

How we benefit from airless pump bottle

Cosmetic airless bottle prevents sensitive products (such as natural skin creams, serums, foundations and other paraben-free formulas) from being exposed to the air, thereby protecting their lifespan by up to 15 %. Also, through the physics of squeezing air, no residue is left inside the bottle. So is it worth having a airless pump bottle that can prevent bacteria from contacting the emulsion, preserve freshness and prolong the freshness of the product?

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What is self adhesive pressure sensitive seal gasket

What is self adhesive pressure sensitive seal gasket

Ⅰ. Product description:

  1. The pressure-sensitive gasket is a single-piece pressure-sensitive adhesive gasket, which is non-toxic, odorless, strong in sealing and good in chemical performance;
  2. It can seal plastic bottles (PE, PET, PP, PS, etc.) etc.), glass bottles, metal bottles and tubes, etc.;
  3. It is suitable for packaging of products such ascream, honey, jam, solids, colloids, dry powders, granules, etc;
  4. There is no need to add any equipment during use, and it has simple operation, convenient use and good sealing performance.
  5. The pressure-sensitive gasket can print the customer’s pattern, text and other information.

Ⅱ,How to use:

  1. Cleaning: the bottle mouth should not have water, oil and other substances, it should be a complete plane, and there should be no gaps, bumps, burrs, etc.
  2. Put the pressure-sensitive gasket on the bottom of the bottle cap ( The printed side faces the bottom of the bottle cap and the blank side faces the bottle mouth), and the adhesive sealing layer should be kept clean and not contaminated;
  3. Tighten the bottle cap (more than 2 hours);
  4. Unscrew the bottle cap, the pressure-sensitive gasket and the The closure is completed when the mouth of the bottle forms a strong seal.

Ⅲ, Product attributes:

  1. Thickness of pressure-sensitive gasket: 0.6mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2mm;
  2. Width of pressure-sensitive gasket coil: 330mm, 350mm;
  3. Structure: printing layer / PS foam layer / sealing adhesive layer

Ⅳ,Product application:

Suitable for sealing packaging in pharmaceutical packaging, health care product packaging, food packaging, cosmetic packaging, and other chemical packaging industries.

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Things you need to know when seal aluminum foil seal

Things you need to know when seal aluminum foil seal

Below are couples of things you need to avoid when sealing aluminum foil seal, thus to increase your rate of success.
1. The bottle cap is not tightened (this problem only needs to be solved by tightening the bottle cap every time it is sealed)
2. The bottle mouth is not flat ( it is a quality issue for the bottle, you need to find a reliable supplier)
3. The bottle mouth has very obvious burrs
4. There is dust or other attachments on the bottle mouth.
5. The heating power and the running speed do not match.
6. The sealing box is inclined, resulting in an unbalanced induction temperature.
7. When adjusting the position of the bottle on the conveyor belt, it must correspond to the downward arrow on the equipment and be in the center state.
8. There is a lot of dust in the sealing box, and the dust needs to be cleaned.
9. The adjustment distance between the bottle mouth and the sensing surface is too far.
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Why use aluminum foil seal for bottle?

Why use aluminum foil seal?

Aluminum foil seal can block the product inside the container from direct contact with the outside air. It can keep the quality of the product unchanged for a long time, and alleviate the bottleneck chipping caused by handling or transportation.

The advantages of foil seal gaskets: dustproof, waterproof,anti-breakage,moistureproof

Seal foil is widely used in PET, PE, PP, PVC, PS, ABS, metal, aluminum and glass bottles containers.

Machines required for pressure-sensitive foil sealing gasket:

Generally, no sealing equipment is required.
1) Insert the pressure-sensitive gasket into the bottle cap with the letter side facing up, the white side facing down
2) Tighten the bottle cap.

Machines needed for aluminum foil gasket sealing:
1. Hand-held sealing equipment
1) Insert the aluminum foil gasket into the bottle cap so that the aluminum foil is facing outwards
2) Tighten the bottle cap and place it on the sealing machine
2, Auto machine: Adjust the power and time of the sealing machine, press the red switch buttom.
The sealing equipment of the automatic production line can be operated according to the specific sealing equipment manual.

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