Tell you if it is necessary to open a new mold when ordering cosmetic packaging

Tell you if it is necessary to open a new mold when ordering cosmetic packaging

I believe that long-term customers who order cosmetic packaging have learned that many bottle packaging in this industry is standardized. Many products have the same or similar styles. And most customers are willing to choose these standardized plastic bottles to contain their cosmetics.

So is it necessary for customers to design their own styles, and to open a mold separately?

The following two points are factors for customers to consider.

On the one hand, cost, opening molds requires paying extra mold fees. The complexity of the mold, the number of cavities, and the product design style will affect the mold fees. If your annual purchase volume is not large and does not exceed 100,000, we do not recommend customers to open a new mold, because the annual product sales are too small, the mold costs are not worthwhile.

On the other hand, time, it takes a certain amount of time to develop the mold, which depends on the complexity of the mold you need to open and the number of molds. The more complex, the longer the mold development time, because mold molding takes time, and mold debugging also will take some time, so the time cost is very large, ranging from one or two months to more than a few months. Ordinary companies cannot afford such time cost, and would rather choose some of the existing molds in our factory.

Therefore, whether to develop a new mold requires careful consideration. Keep your costs to a minimum. Generally, big companies choose new molds because their annual purchases are very large. Opening molds can make them have their own company logo packaging which is more conducive to promotion in the market and increase customer recognition. Moreover, the existing molds are all mature molds, and the mold performance is stable, and no problems will occur in use. A new mold may have new problems, especially for plastic bottles with your unique and irregular shapes.

A few things you need to know before buying plastic packaging

A few things you need to know before buying plastic packaging

Some people may be new to the cosmetics industry, so they do n’t know much about cosmetics packaging, leading to hesitation in choosing cosmetics packaging, or even choosing a wrong packaging.

Below I will briefly analyze a few things you need to know before buying plastic packaging.

First, you need to understand the material of plastic packaging bottles, because different materials have different properties. For example, if you want your product to be in a plastic bottle, it can be directly seen by consumers. At this time, we recommend that you choose a plastic bottle made of PET, because the PET material itself is highly transparent, and the price is relatively cheaper than acrylic and PS material. You cannot choose PP or PE bottle, because the PP and PE materials themselves are not completely transparent, and consumers cannot clearly see the contents of the plastic bottles.

Second, you need to know what you want to contain in a plastic bottle? If you buy plastic bottles for lotions, you can choose bottles with lotion pump heads. If your product positioning is high-end, you can choose airless pump bottles and acrylic bottles to highlight your product quality. But if you want to fill facial cleanser or skin care lotion, you can choose a small and easy-to-carry plastic soft tube package, because the tube only needs to be squeezed lightly, and the price is very affordable. Or if you want to pack a very sticky cream-like product, we recommend that you buy a cream jar, because cream jars are generally filled with high consistency products, which is convenient and cheap. If it is a foam product, we recommend you to buy a foam bottle.

Third, the compatibility of product contents. Some cosmetic ingredients cannot be exposed to light to prevent volatilization. This is why you need to buy non-transparent and highly protective plastic bottles, such as airless pump bottles and acrylic bottles. Or, if your skin care ingredients are corrosive, you should use some materials with strong barrier properties. The so-called barrier plastic bottle refers to the use of a special processing technology (or combined with a special material at the same time), so that this kind of plastic bottle has the function of effectively blocking the penetration of organic solvents in emulsifiable concentrate pesticides, while retaining the plastic bottle itself is a special plastic bottle with excellent properties such as light weight, many variations (various shapes), and non-fragility.

There are several ways to wipe off the silk screen on the plastic bottle

There are several ways to wipe off the silk screen on the plastic bottle:

First you need to know the material of the plastic bottle, whether you use solvent ink or UV ink.

If you use solvent-based inks (commonly referred to as ordinary inks) PET, PVC, PC, PS, these materials require special solvents to wipe off, but the effect is generally not ideal. PE, PP can be wiped off with Tianna water, net washing water, and ink thinner.

If you use UV ink, it is more troublesome. PET, PVC, PC, PS can be tried with alcohol. PE and PP currently have special cleaning agents. The single effect is not ideal and the smell is large.

1, the pattern does not exceed 3 hours, it can be removed with absolute ethanol;

2, the pattern does not exceed 24 hours, you can use water to remove it;

  1. Between 24 hours and 72 hours, the pattern can be removed with banana water.

It takes too long to spit the pattern on the plastic bottle. If you remove it, it will destroy the surface material and affect the reprinting.

There are three points to note before silk screen processing

There are three points to note before silk screen processing:

  1. Clean the printing place of silk screen processing. Try to ensure that there is no dust in the air in the printing workshop and plate making workshop, otherwise it will affect the printing quality. For workshops that require high printing accuracy, air purification equipment should be installed if necessary to keep the printing and platemaking workshops clean.
  2. The temperature and humidity requirements, the temperature and humidity of the four seasons vary greatly, and the impact on printing accuracy is relatively large, especially the multi-color overprint, the effect is more obvious, so the indoor humidity and temperature must be relatively stable, and according to the season Properly adjust the temperature and humidity in the room to ensure printing dimensional accuracy.
  3. Understand the nature of substrates. At present, with the development of science and technology, there are many types of substrates and different shapes. Before printing, select appropriate inks, solvents, and scrapers according to different requirements.

What are the precautions when making hot stamping signs?

What are the precautions when making hot stamping signs for cosmetic packaging?

The signs and labels must be centered around the graphics and texts. The graphics and text should be clear, not deformed, and maintain a good image. The difference is the production of hot stamping logos and stamping other products that are only decorative. Pay attention when stamping. The following points:

  1. First clean the surface of the identification label to be stamped. According to the material of the identification label, select the applicable stamping foil, and then determine the stamping temperature according to the type of stamping foil.
  2. First try a few samples, control the depth of the stamping with high-speed stamping pressure, and then locate and lock the controlled depth.
  3. After reaching a certain depth, it is necessary to grasp the stamping time and raise the stamping head quickly. It must be successful once and cannot be repeated. Repeating will make the writing on the signboard blurred, the strokes produce ghosting, and the graphics are not bright.
  4. Embossed embossed identification signs should pay attention to controlling the pressure, especially the softer plastic. Excessive pressure will cause the handwriting to collapse and deform the handwriting. When stamping, the edges and corners of the graphic will not be damaged.

Honey in plastic or glass?

Honey in plastic or glass?

If pure honey is stored for a long time, it is not suitable to use plastic bottles, because plastic will produce plasticizers over time, and the sealing effect is not good. The solution is best to use a refrigerator to store them. In supermarkets, Honey is basically syrup when it is stored in plastic bottles.

Considering its transparent beauty, good chemical stability, no pollution to the contents, high temperature resistance, and can not affect the quality of honey, glass bottles are chosen for long-term storage.

The honey is put in a plastic bottle. After a few days, the plastic bottle swelled because it is full of gas and would volatilize because the weather is not so cold, but the plastic bottle feel a little softer and the honey appears white. Foam is the reaction of honey with plastic bottles.

How does the hand sanitizer create foam?

How does the hand sanitizer create foam?

How does the hand sanitizer create foam? It is caused by air pressure. The hand washing liquid is manually pressurized to hydraulically wash the hands. The mousse bottle is with high pressure when it is filled. It has pressure and will automatically spray as long as the bottle mouth is pressed.

Compared with ordinary hand sanitizers, foam hand sanitizers have innovative breakthroughs in function and concept. To put it simply, the foam is relatively rich, and the foam is directly pressed. It can be disposable or washed. This type of foaming hand sanitizer is relatively water-saving to clean and relatively clean and easy to rinse. The principle is that there is a special device at the mouth of the bottle to fully mix the air with the foaming agent. I haven’t seen a foam gun for firefighting. I must have done such an experiment in a middle school. The drooping paper floats to the place where the gas flows, because the fluid has a decompression effect. The foam gun has a common nozzle in the middle, and there is a hole with many holes on the side. When the foaming agent is sprayed from the middle of the sleeve, a large amount of air is drawn in from the side due to the decrease in air pressure, and it is mixed with it to generate foam.

How the airless pump bottle can be reusable

When the airless pump bottle is pressed, the bottom piston will run up to squeeze out the contents. When the contents are used up, the piston has already run to the top. You can remove the pump head and re-install it, or use a hard object The piston tops to the bottom and is ready to be used again.

Airless bottle refers to a container that can isolate gas from the outside temperature or a container that isolates external bacteria. The contents of the airless bottle can be completely isolated from the air to prevent the product from oxidizing and deteriorating due to contact with air, which can breed bacteria. The airless bottles commonly used in the market are composed of a cylinder and an oval container and a piston at the bottom. Its design principle is to use the contraction force of the spring and prevent air from entering the bottle, creating a vacuum state, and use atmospheric pressure to push the piston at the bottom of the bottle forward.

Why is the bottom of the plastic bottle recessed


The bottom of the plastic bottle is recessed to allow the beverage bottle to stand firmer. If it is a flat-bottomed plastic bottle, it is easily deformed due to the hydraulic pressure, and it usually protrudes outward, so that the beverage bottle is not stable. However, if the bottom is designed in the shape of a groove, the stress area of ​​the bottom is increased, and the pressure is reduced, so that it is not easy to deform. And even if the entire bottom does not touch the table, as long as the force is uniform, it can stand very stably. The stability of the five-claw shape is very good, so a large part of the common plastic bottles are made into a five-claw shape. Plastic bottles are usually only disposable. If you use it to hold hot water, you will notice that it will deform and either bulge or shrink. In addition to becoming strangely shaped and difficult to stand, plastic products also release toxic substances at high temperatures.

Common packaging box structure

Common packaging box structure are divided into five types: 1. Portable hand bag, because some products are large in size. In order to make it easier for customers to carry, the handles will be added to the packaging box and can be folded or hidden. 2. Heaven and earth cover boxes, they are differently round shape with tangent lines. You can open the cover to see the goods, as well as the characters and trademarks. It is easy to open and easy to take out the goods and display as well as promote the products. 3. Special-shaped packaging color boxes have various shapes such as rhombus, octagon, hexagon, circle, triangle, etc. This packaging color box uses arcs, straight lines to cut and alternate the combination of faces to produce packaging color boxes. 4. Window-type color boxes, which are divided into partial and multi-faceted windows, also use transparent plastic film, no plastic film, PET film, mainly showing the goods for consumers to buy. 5. Special box type, some add an additional accessory, some open the gap, some open the hole add a quality product, mainly based on the different uses of different products for the corresponding design. There are many types of packaging color boxes on the market, with different shapes, and the unique structure has an indispensable role in promoting product packaging promotion and attracting consumer purchases.

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