What plastic bottle does silicone oil free shampoo use

When people are shopping for a new shampoo product, they are generally learning more about its ingredients, efficacy and technology. Shampoo products from the regular effect of original anti-dandruff, anti-dandruff, repair damage, anti-hair loss and so on to a more in-depth silicone oil free products.

Silicone free “is not only to remove the silicone oil, but also should consider consumer interests and enterprise sustainability. The connotation of “silicon free oil technology” includes: surfactant used for low-stimulation cleaning, adjuvant used to replace silicon oil, effective ingredients for scalp care.

For the high-tech, high-quality and concentrated shampoo products newly developed in recent years, people will have a good experience when using it, and naturally they will notice the package of this shampoo, namely the plastic bottle of this shampoo, which is made of what material.

With a brief introduction, the plastic bottle for this shampoo must be high-end, environmentally friendly and has good sealing performance. The material is usually PET and PE.

What kind of transparent plastic bottles are available in the market?

Transparent plastic bottles on the market are mainly made of PET, PP, PVC and ABS

PET is hard, good toughness, high strength, bright surface, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.PET is transparent and comes in a variety of colors.


The disadvantage is that high cycle heat bonding is relatively difficult and the price is slightly more expensive than PVC. This material is often required to be replaced by high-grade and environmentally friendly users. PET material is generally used to make plastic bottles for packaging food, beverage and medicine industries normally before. But now more and more cosmetics brands like to choose PET packaging as their bottle containers.

PP material: Special soft material, good toughness, environmental non-toxic and high temperature resistance, often made into food and beverage utensils or other high-temperature products packaging; But its plasticity is poor, the processing difficulty is big, the surface glossiness is poor, and the color can change when processing,which are mostly used to make one-time plastic bottle.


PVC material, It is soft, strong and plasticity. It can be made into transparent and various colors.

ABS material, Most ABS are non-toxic and impervious to water, but slightly water vapor, low water absorption, room temperature immersion of less than 1 percent a year and physical properties do not change.ABS resin product surface can be polished, can get high gloss products.It’s three to five times stronger than regular plastic.

Why a sachet of shampoo is cheaper than a bottle of shampoo

Some one will ask us why a sachet of shampoo is cheaper than a bottle of shampoo? Here are the reasons

1, Cost of packaging: With regard to the same capacity and same product. the cost of a bottle is higher than that of a sachet.

2, Usage: Sachet packaging is normally small.It is widely used for disposable usage.It is a good packaging for promoting the real products.In other words, a bottle of shampoo is the final product itself after testing the sachet.

Sometimes, the sachet packaging is free of charge, as a promoting gifts of sample.

Acrylic bottle packaging needs more room for development.

Acrylic bottle packaging needs more room for development.

Acrylic bottles, the largest market lies in the field of cosmetic packaging. We found that, in addition to the cosmetic packaging market, only health care products packaging uses some acrylic packaging.

It can be said that in many markets, we almost can not see the acrylic bottle. Because the material is plastic, easily crushing, while the lower cost and has the appearance and effect of glass bottles, which are widely welcomed by the cosmetics packaging market.
However, in addition to the cosmetics market, acrylic bottles in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other areas do not have much market space, which is acrylic bottle packaging needs more room for development.

Why most plastic bottles are in round shape?

Why most plastic bottles are in round shape?

Today, Most of the plastic bottles are round, only some beverage plastic bottles are square.In fact, The plasticity of plastic bottle is very strong, It not only can shape up the common variety of plastic bottle shape, but also can customize special variety of bottle shape. This is the advantage of plastic bottles that simply created by a pair of mold.

However, Some people would ask why the plastic bottles on the market are mostly round? In fact, That is because the circular plastic bottle is easy to catch, easy to carry, and does not take up space during the transportation.
This is why plastic bottles can quickly squeeze out the market share of glass packaging. We hope we will improve the round plastic bottle into another good level.

The changes of cosmetic bottle packaging

The changes of cosmetic bottle packaging

The trend of cosmetic bottle packaging has changed a lot in recent years. In the past, cosmetic manufacturers, which have always attached importance to offline channels, are placing great emphasis on the appearance of cosmetic bottle packaging. Both materials and appearance of the cosmetic bottle are valued by the manufacturers and distributors.

However, in the e-commerce market, cosmetics are the most affected. For online cosmetics bottles, left the off-line counter lighting, and pay more attention to the practicality. Therefore, the cosmetics market over the past two years turned to be simple and practical. This is also a new positive environmental change brought by the cosmetics bottle market.

For cosmetic bottle packaging, the future trend is still lightweight, simplistic, which is the inevitable trend of the future.

The evolution of eye drop bottle packaging

        The evolution of eye drop bottle packaging

Perhaps because the eye drop products are vulnerable to the bacterial invasion after first time using, So the validity only last for a week.
Whereas the previous eye drop bottles were often between 15 and 30ML. However, It was impossible to use up within a week. It would lead to waste.

After all, a bottle of eye drops price is not low in the current market.This makes the market now have the twist up eye drop bottle in small volume, which can be used for one time only.But because of disposable packaging, the bottle packaging is not precise enough.Suppliers need to improve the packaging in the future.

The bottle material directly affect the printing effect

Some customers would asked why some silkscreen printing easy to fall off. One of the direct influence factors are bottle material.
If the bottle material is not pure, it has a considerable influence on adhesion force of the printing. In the printing material on the market at present, it mainly because of the mixed reclaimed materials. some bottles are made by reclaimed materials in cheap price, but the quality will be greatly reduced. Secondly, Company craft difference will cause plastic surface present different situation, there will a lot of grease on the some material surface to affect its adhesion force. The color of the bottle material also has effect on receiving ultraviolet (uv) light, which may also affect its adhesion force.

Why airless bottle hightlight cosmetics packaging

Why airless bottle hightlight cosmetics packaging

Nowadays, airless bottle packaging received the favour of many high-end cosmetics brand, such as SAMPAR VIVID RADIANCE SERUM,MAMONDE Total Solution Smart Watery Cream, they use the airless bottles to hold the skin care products.
Indeed, airless bottle looks higher grade than other plastic bottles, that is the key one.I think another important factor is that airless environment can well protect our skin care products.
Airless container is in a sealed condition, is can’t get into the air, forming a fully enclosed environment, make the products not polluted by the outside world. It can prolong products saving time, let the large capacity products can last longer. Press type airless bottle design, it is more convenient to use.
Good airless bottle is absolutely don’t have to worry about product residue in the bottom. the airless pump system will press the product to the mouth, even a drop of it. Besides,opaque milk white bottle protects skin care products from oxidation.

Rumor Reusing plastic bottles can cause cancer

                                             Rumor Reusing plastic bottles can cause cancer

Can you really get sick by reusing disposable plastic bottles, or is the link to cancer too flimsy to stand up to modern science?
Chemicals are ubiquitous in our daily life. And one place where they seem to make us most anxious is in plastic bottles, which often hold the liquids we drink every day.
The question of whether those disposable plastic bottles when reused can cause cancer, however, has been mostly answered. Time and time again, some urban legend will pop up claiming that chemicals in the plastic, when reused, are responsible for the spread of certain kinds of disease. And time and time again, those claims disintegrate upon further examination. But the reason these legends persist is that not all of them can be proved wrong.
Not long ago, the controversial chemical BPA was banned from baby bottles and sippy cups over concerns that it could interfere with a child’s nervous and reproductive systems. But BPA is the exception.
However, there is a claim that researchers say hasn’t gotten enough attention: whether heating up a plastic bottle will cause it to contaminate food or water. It says more research needs to be done to determine if there’s any danger.

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