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Why use aluminum foil seal for bottle?

Why use aluminum foil seal?

Aluminum foil seal can block the product inside the container from direct contact with the outside air. It can keep the quality of the product unchanged for a long time, and alleviate the bottleneck chipping caused by handling or transportation.

The advantages of foil seal gaskets: dustproof, waterproof,anti-breakage,moistureproof

Seal foil is widely used in PET, PE, PP, PVC, PS, ABS, metal, aluminum and glass bottles containers.

Machines required for pressure-sensitive foil sealing gasket:

Generally, no sealing equipment is required.
1) Insert the pressure-sensitive gasket into the bottle cap with the letter side facing up, the white side facing down
2) Tighten the bottle cap.

Machines needed for aluminum foil gasket sealing:
1. Hand-held sealing equipment
1) Insert the aluminum foil gasket into the bottle cap so that the aluminum foil is facing outwards
2) Tighten the bottle cap and place it on the sealing machine
2, Auto machine: Adjust the power and time of the sealing machine, press the red switch buttom.
The sealing equipment of the automatic production line can be operated according to the specific sealing equipment manual.

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Introduction of electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing

Introduction of electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing

Electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine is widely used in the sealing of containers of medicines, liquid medicines, spices, detergents, milk, beverages, food, chemical products, etc., and plays the role of sealing, anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft. The equipment uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to instantly generate high temperature on the aluminum foil on the bottle mouth, and then fuse the aluminum foil on the bottle mouth to achieve the function of sealing. It has good moisture-proof, mildew-proof and anti-counterfeiting effects, thereby prolonging the storage time of items.



1, Definition of electromagnetic induction sealing.

Electromagnetic induction sealing, that is, using an aluminum foil sealing machine to heat the aluminum foil sealing pad, so that the heat sealing layer of the aluminum foil sealing pad is heated and melted, and the heat sealing is made under a certain pressure. The layer is bonded to the bottle mouth, so as to achieve the function of sealing the bottle mouth.

2, Principle.

The working principle of the electromagnetic induction sealing machine used in the packaging process is the same as the working principle of the induction cooker that people use every day.

It applies the “eddy current effect” of physics, that is, alternating The magnetic field generates an electric field, and the conductor in the electric field generates an electric current.

When the electric current passes through the foreign body, the electric energy is converted into heat.

3, Use.

This sealing process is suitable for most items that need to be protected from contamination.

For example, chemicals such as medicines, food, beverages, pesticides, and petroleum oils can not only effectively protect the products, but also avoid the accident of being overturned, spilled, squeezed and spilled, or maliciously put into other items and damaged.

In addition, electromagnetic induction has the advantages of reducing costs and management costs for sealing machines.

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Are there still any advantages to purchasing plastic bottles from China now?

Are there any advantages to purchasing plastic bottles from China now?

This year, international shipping costs have skyrocketed, and many customers have reduced their purchases of plastic packaging bottles from China.

Indeed, ocean shipping is one of the most important modes of transportation in international logistics.

Goods transported between ports in different countries and regions are mainly carried out by sea. However, recently, due to the shortage of space, European and American routes have been suspended on a large scale.
In addition, in the case of rising freight rates on Southeast Asian routes and shortage of capacity, many shipping companies have begun to levy additional charges such as congestion surcharges, peak season surcharges, and shortage of containers.

So, besides sea shipping, does international rail transportation have certain advantages now?

1. Advantages of International Rail Transport
Advantage ①: Low price.

The tariff of international railway transportation is relatively low, and even to some countries, it is lower than that of international sea transportation. Take Europe as an example. In the past, the price of international rail transportation could be as low as RMB 7.5/kg, while the price of ocean freight was around RMB 10, and the price gap was obvious.

Advantage ②: Stable logistics timeliness.

The logistics and timeliness stability of international railway transportation can be said to be the best.
According to data released by relevant railway departments, the punctuality rate of trains from China to Europe is as high as 99%, and the stability of the timeliness of freight is very guaranteed.
In addition, railway transportation is less affected by natural environmental disasters and has strong continuity.

Advantage ③: A wide range of goods to be carried.

International rail transport can transport all kinds of sensitive items, such as European rail transport, live items, supporting batteries, liquid items, wet tissues, cosmetics and other electrical items. In addition, there are railway channels that can carry pure batteries, which is currently the only railway transportation channel that can carry pure batteries.
Advantage ④: sufficient capacity.

The international railway lifts 15 kg, unlimited weight, can carry more than 100 kg of goods, and has a large carrying capacity. In terms of transportation capacity, more than ten cities in China have opened trains between China and Europe. There are enough trains to reach Europe and there is enough freight capacity.

2. Disadvantages of International Rail Transport
Disadvantage ①: Wide range of mail.

One of the shortcomings of international rail transport is the small range of postal services. Shipping can pass through the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, but railways can only pass through European countries, and other countries are temporarily unable to pass mail, especially North and South American countries, because they are not bordered by the mainland.

Disadvantage ②: slow logistics timeliness

The international railway logistics has a slower time limit. The overall time limit for signing is about 29-35 days, and the fastest route is 19-29 days.

Therefore, for some countries and regions with international railway transportation, it is undoubtedly a good way to reduce the cost of cross-border procurement. It is still very cost-effective to purchase packaging bottles from China at the moment. Welcome to place an order with us.

Founded in 2011, Canvard Packaging has rich manufacturing and export experience to assist customers in safely completing international procurement processes.

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A direct freight rail shuttle from Nansha Port to Europe will open

A direct freight rail shuttle from Nansha Port to Europe will open

Recently, ocean freight has been soaring, which has discouraged many merchants who wanted to purchase products in China. Now the good news is coming. Nansha Port in Guangzhou will open a direct container train to Europe.

Guangzhou Nansha Port Railway is a national class I, double-track electrified railway with a design speed of 120 kilometers per hour and a main line of 88 kilometers in length. It was originally designed as a freight railway.
As the first passenger-cargo dual-track railway to enter the Nansha Free Trade Zone in the Greater Bay Area, the Nansha Port Railway is also an important part of the freight channel in the western Pearl River Delta.

After completion, it will open up the “last mile” of sea-rail-bus transportation and build a port The three-dimensional transportation network of multimodal transportation of railways and highways directly serves the collection and transportation and port-side industries of Nansha Port.

It directly serves the transportation and port-side industries of Nansha Port.

This is important for building a large land-sea transportation channel with Nansha Port as the core, building a strategic fulcrum for the Maritime Silk Road and the Silk Road Economic Belt, building a Nansha Free Trade Port, It is of great significance to enhance the function of Guangzhou as a shipping hub and promote the coordinated development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

On November 29, the newly-built Guangzhou Nansha Port Railway completed the replacement of the main line with long track, laying a solid foundation to ensure the opening of freight at the end of the year and the subsequent passenger transport conditions.

By then, the Nansha Free Trade Zone will be able to open a direct container train to Europe, which greatly shortens the voyage of cargo arrival.

Founded in 2011, Canvard Packaging has 10 years of export and production experience and can assist customers in safely completing international transportation processes.

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What problems should be paid attention to when purchasing cosmetic packaging materials?

What problems should be paid attention to when purchasing cosmetic packaging materials?

Almost all cosmetic manufacturers know that in addition to raw materials, cosmetic packaging materials are equally important. Packaging materials are not only containers, but also product promotion and product quality. Therefore, manufacturers must attach great importance to the purchase of packaging materials. What problems should be paid attention to when purchasing cosmetic packaging materials? Let’s look at it together.

1.Is the material “compatible”?
The “Cosmetics Safety Technical Specification 2015 Edition” stipulates that packaging materials that directly contact cosmetics should be safe, must not chemically react with cosmetics, and must not migrate or release toxic and harmful substances that are harmful to the human body. For example, heavy metals in metal packaging, plasticizers in plastic packaging bags, and bisphenol A and its derivatives dissolve into cosmetics that come into direct contact with it, threatening the quality of cosmetics and the human body. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out compatibility testing on the packaging to avoid unnecessary losses. 2. Does the printing quality pass? Cosmetic packaging requires exquisite printing and good visual beauty, so its printing quality inspection is particularly important. At present, the routine items of cosmetic packaging printing quality inspection mainly include the abrasion resistance of the printing ink layer (anti-scratch performance), ink adhesion fastness and color discrimination inspection. During the inspection process, the packaging products do not appear ink drop or deinking, etc. Qualified product.
2.Is the design reasonable? For companies, while considering the cost, they should also consider market expectations, and control the design of packaging materials, from container shape to label copywriting, from style positioning to transportation risks, from internal packaging to outsourcing, Wait, consider it all. Especially for the market characteristics and potential of the product, the basic situation of the consumer group, such as: the age of the consumer group, economic income, cultural quality and so on. If a good product does not have a suitable appearance, it will ultimately damage the overall image of the product.
3.Is the capacity standard? There are many types of skin care packaging materials and the process is more complicated. Sometimes it is inevitable that there will be a gap between the container capacity and the design standard. Therefore, before the production of the container, the characteristics of the material should be fully considered and controlled in a targeted manner. Whether the special specifications are complete, whether the appearance is beautiful, whether the vision is comfortable, etc. When negotiating business, many companies often only know that they are produced according to the model. In fact, this is incomplete, because the material body is different, and the net content of the same container is different.
4.Is the package temperature resistant? Some cosmetic inner packages are made of composite films, which use adhesives to bond films of different materials together, and different materials have different shrinkage rates, so when the temperature changes (regardless of Whether it is high temperature or low temperature), composite film bags will appear delamination and surface wrinkles. Therefore, the flexible packaging must be tested for temperature resistance.
5.Is the heat-sealing edge quality resistant? Heat sealing strength is one of the important indicators to measure the quality of packaging. Flexible packaging requires a certain degree of strength and tightness in the seal, and can withstand the pressure of a certain weight of filler to ensure that the packaging does not crack and leak during transportation. (1) Check the tightness. Use an ultrasonic sealing tester or use a vacuum method to observe the tightness of the heat-sealed edge of the flexible packaging bag. (2) Check the heat seal strength. When testing the heat-sealing strength, samples of the same width should be cut from the heat-sealed part of the flexible packaging bag in the vertical direction, and then the two ends of the strip-shaped sample should be fixed on the tension device and sent to the fixture for stretching, and the failure heat should be calculated. The maximum force value of the sealing part. It should be noted that in addition to the tensile strength of the blank packaging material, the influence of the contents on the heat-sealed part must also be considered. (3) Check the compressive strength.
The compressive strength of the flexible package can be tested using a press. Place the sample with the contents on the sample table, slowly press it to the required pressure, and hold it for 15 seconds. If there is no edge seal cracking, it is qualified. As for the amount of pressure to be applied, it depends on the situation. Different terminal enterprises and different products may have different requirements.
6.Is the package tearing smoothly? Most of the packaging bags of facial masks have wedge-shaped easy-to-tear openings. When consumers open the product, they must ensure that the opening process is smooth. It should be noted that during the tear test, the clamping force provided to the material must be large enough so that the material will not “slip” during the test. However, when consumers actually open the flexible packaging bag, if the force fit is not good, the “slip” phenomenon may occur when the grip is not strong enough, which may cause difficulty in opening. Therefore, in packaging design, packaging designers must comprehensively consider these properties of flexible packaging materials and find the best solution.
7.Is the copy standard? The country has very strict label management on cosmetics, and must be strictly implemented in accordance with the standards, especially for characteristic products. Some ingredients and their indicators must not have the slightest error or discrepancy. Otherwise, no matter how good the packaging materials are, they cannot be used. In addition, in terms of the efficacy of the product, we must carefully scrutinize and review it carefully to avoid false content, avoid banned words, and avoid consumer ambiguity.
8. Does the proportion of defective products exceed the standard? Cosmetic packaging materials, especially outsourcing materials, are often produced manually, such as cartons, handbags, etc., due to the low degree of automation, inevitably defective or defective products will appear. Some machine-produced glass bottles, hoses, etc., will have problems of one kind or another in terms of color difference, missing print, shape, etc. Therefore, these problems must be considered when purchasing. If the ratio of qualified products to defective products does not exceed the basic standard during the package material inspection, then the packaging material purchase is successful, but when ordering packaging materials, the quantity should be increased appropriately to ensure that it is sufficient and there is room for selection.

Canvard Packaging International Co.,Ltd was founded in 2011. It is an enterprise with a factory in Guangzhou. It is a company specializing in the production of plastic bottle, plastic jar, plastic container, airless dispenser bottle, foam pump bottle, deodorant stick tube, PET bottle, Professional company of detergent bottle, ampoule bottle and other cosmetic packaging materials.

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Introduction of plastic bottles in cosmetic packaging containers

                               Introduction of plastic bottles in cosmetic packaging containers
1.General materials of plastic bottles: PP, PE, K material, AS, ABS, PMMA, PET, PVC, PETG
1)Forming method: PET bottles are formed in two steps, the tube is injection molded, and the finished bottle is blow molded . Others such as PP, PE, and PVC bottles are usually formed in one step, that is, blow bottles. Acrylic packaging is an injection-molded bottle, which has poor chemical resistance and generally cannot be directly filled with lotion. Therefore, acrylic is usually only used as the outer shell of the packaging. The inner liner of the product is usually made of pp material, but the acrylic packaging material has high permeability. It looks very upscale.
2)Bottle mouth standard: generally 16mm, 18mm, 22mm, 24mm, 28mm, 40mm.
3)Printing process: silk screen, hot stamping, hot silver, electroplating, frosted effect, etc.
4)Bottle cap selection: generally with inner lid, pull The lid and inner plug are also equipped with a small spoon or a dropper, which mainly considers its tightness and ease of use.

Canvard Packaging International Co.,Ltd was founded in 2011. It is an enterprise with a factory in Guangzhou. It is a company specializing in the production of plastic bottle, plastic jar, plastic container, airless dispenser bottle, foam pump bottle, deodorant stick tube, PET bottle, Professional company of detergent bottle, ampoule bottle and other cosmetic packaging materials.

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Can the bottles containing disinfectant be recycled?

Can the bottles containing disinfectant be recycled?

I believe that every household has disinfectant, so can the bottles containing disinfectant at home be recycled?

First of all, there are two types of disinfectants commonly used at home: one is 84 disinfectant (also known as bleach), and the other is clothes sterilization disinfectant. The main active ingredient of 84 disinfectant is sodium hypochlorite. The generation of hypochlorous acid in the water has a strong oxidizing effect on the cells of microorganisms, destroying the ecological environment in the cells and causing cell death. The strong oxidizing properties of hypochlorous acid can also cause the polymer of organic pigments to be oxidized and lose their color. As a result, 84 disinfectant is sometimes used as a bleaching agent. Hypochlorous acid has a pungent smell, so we can easily smell the smell of 84 disinfectant. The main effective ingredient of the commonly used clothes disinfectant is p-chloro-m-xylenol, which achieves the sterilization effect by denaturing protein, and has the killing effect on most Gram-positive and negative bacteria, fungi and molds. The general dosage is 1 bottle cap to 1-2L of water. Because it is slightly soluble in water, when diluted with water, we will see that the solution becomes milky white and opaque. Para-chloro-m-xylenol is not oxidizing like 84, and it is relatively less irritating to the human body, so it is mostly used for disinfection of textiles and skin.

In addition, the 84 disinfectant bottles are mostly opaque PE materials, which belong to the PE bottles in the Aobei 14 classification. There are two kinds of clothes disinfectant bottles, transparent PET material and opaque PE material, which belong to PET bottle and PE bottle respectively.

However, due to the special nature of the disinfectant, although both materials can be recycled, it must be ensured that the bottles are rinsed clean before recycling and there is no residue.

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Eight categories of injection bottle moulds you need to know

Eight categories of injection bottle moulds you need to know

 (1) When the single parting surface injection mold is opened, the movable mold and the fixed mold are separated to take out the plastic part, which is called a single parting surface mold or a double-plate mold. It is the simplest and most basic form of injection molds. It can be designed as a single-cavity injection mold or a multi-cavity injection mold according to needs. It is the most widely used injection mold.

(2) Double parting surface injection mold .The double parting surface injection mold has two parting surfaces. Compared with the single parting surface injection mold, the double parting surface injection mold adds a middle part that can be moved locally in the fixed mold part. Plate (also called movable gate plate, on which there are gates, runners and other parts and components required by fixed mold), so it is also called three-plate (movable template, intermediate plate, fixed template) injection mold, it is commonly used For single-cavity or multi-cavity injection molds that are fed at a point gate, when the mold is opened, the intermediate plate is separated from the fixed template at a fixed distance on the guide post of the fixed mold, so that the gating system can be taken out between the two templates Aggregate. The double parting surface injection mold has a complex structure, high manufacturing cost, and difficult parts processing. Generally, it is not used for the molding of large or extra-large plastic products.

(3) Injection mold with lateral parting and core pulling mechanism. When the plastic part has side holes or undercuts, it is necessary to use a laterally movable core or slider for molding. After injection molding, the movable mold first moves down for a certain distance, and then the inclined section of the bending pin fixed on the fixed template forces the slider to move outward, and at the same time, the push rod of the demolding mechanism pushes the pusher plate to make the plastic part self-molding Take off the core.

(4) Injection molds with movable forming parts due to the special structure of plastic parts, the injection mold is required to be equipped with movable forming parts, such as movable punches, movable concave molds, movable inserts, movable thread cores or The molding ring, etc., can be moved out of the mold together with the plastic part during demolding, and then separated from the plastic part.

(5) Automatic thread unloading injection mold For plastic parts with threads, when automatic demolding is required, a rotatable thread core or ring can be set on the mold, and the mold opening action or the rotation mechanism of the injection molding machine can be used, or Set up a special transmission device to drive the threaded core or threaded ring to rotate, so as to get out of the plastic part.

(6) No-runner injection mould No-runner injection mould refers to the method of adiabatic heating of the runner to keep the plastic between the nozzle and the cavity of the injection moulding machine in a molten state, so that there is no pouring system when the mould is opened and the plastic part is taken out. Aggregate. The former is called adiabatic runner injection mold, and the latter is called hot runner injection mold.

(7) Right-angle injection molds Right-angle injection molds are only suitable for angle injection molding machines. The difference from other injection molds is that the feeding direction of this type of mold is perpendicular to the opening and closing directions during molding. His main channel is opened on both sides of the parting surface of the moving and fixed molds, and its cross-sectional area is usually constant. This is different from the molds used in other injection molding machines. The end of the main channel is to prevent injection molding machines. For the wear and deformation of the nozzle and the inlet end of the main runner, replaceable runner inserts can be set.

(8) In most injection molds, the demolding device of the injection mold on the fixed mold is installed on the side of the movable mold, which facilitates the work of the ejector device in the mold opening and closing system of the injection molding machine. In actual production, because some plastic parts are limited by the shape, it is better to leave the plastic part on the side of the fixed mold for molding. This makes the plastic part out of the mold, and it is necessary to set a release on the side of the fixed mold. mechanism.

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The performance of plastic mold steel

The performance of plastic mold steel

The performance of plastic mold steel requires plastic products to be molded by injection (injection), compression (compression molding), extrusion, injection, and blow molding. The plastic mold components are divided into two categories. One type is structural parts, including gating system, guide parts, fixed formwork, ejector mechanism parts, support parts, etc. The selected materials are generally medium and low carbon carbon structural steel or alloy structural steel and carbon tool steel. Standard products are available in the parts market; the other type is molded parts, including cavities, cores, inserts, etc., which are the key components of directly molded plastic products. The structure of the molded part is complex, the size of the fine sulfur joint is required to be close and the surface is smooth. Although the strength and toughness required by the material are not as high as the cold work mold and the hot work mold, it must have specific performance requirements.

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Will heating plastic beverage bottles cause cancer?

Will heating plastic beverage bottles cause cancer?

Plastic beverage bottles are not carcinogenic.

The current PET plastic bottles use food-grade environmentally friendly raw materials, which can be recycled and do not produce carcinogens. The plastic beverage bottles seen in daily life are all blow molded from pet plastic. But ordinary plastic bottles cannot contain high-temperature water. Because the PET bottle is relatively thin, when the bottle body is heated to about 90°, due to the rearrangement of the PET molecular chain and the internal stress, the bottle body will shrink and deform, but the deformed plastic bottle does not release toxic substances.

Moreover, you cannot drink water from hot deformed plastic bottles, so the public need not worry too much about this issue. Rather than believing in all kinds of inexplicable claims that cause cancer, it is better to develop a healthy lifestyle, such as active exercise, staying up late, and eating properly.

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