What is aluminium foil seal for soft tube?

What is aluminium foil seal for soft tube?

The sealing aluminum foil seal for cosmetic tubes is a type of sealing material used to ensure that the cosmetics remain contained within the tube, preventing any leakage. It’s typically made of aluminum foil and is effective in protecting the product from contamination and oxidation. This kind of aluminum foil pad is often used on manually sealed tubes.

A small protruding tab at the edge of the foil seal, allowing users to peel it off easily. This seal needs to be removed by the user before the product can be squeezed out of the tube for the first time.

The primary advantages of this aluminum foil seal include:

Preventing product leakage and ensuring safety during transportation and storage.
Acting as a barrier to protect the product from external contamination and oxygen, thereby extending the product’s shelf life.
Enhancing the overall integrity and perceived quality of the product packaging.

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