Are there still any advantages to purchasing plastic bottles from China now?

Are there any advantages to purchasing plastic bottles from China now?

This year, international shipping costs have skyrocketed, and many customers have reduced their purchases of plastic packaging bottles from China.

Indeed, ocean shipping is one of the most important modes of transportation in international logistics.

Goods transported between ports in different countries and regions are mainly carried out by sea. However, recently, due to the shortage of space, European and American routes have been suspended on a large scale.
In addition, in the case of rising freight rates on Southeast Asian routes and shortage of capacity, many shipping companies have begun to levy additional charges such as congestion surcharges, peak season surcharges, and shortage of containers.

So, besides sea shipping, does international rail transportation have certain advantages now?

1. Advantages of International Rail Transport
Advantage ①: Low price.

The tariff of international railway transportation is relatively low, and even to some countries, it is lower than that of international sea transportation. Take Europe as an example. In the past, the price of international rail transportation could be as low as RMB 7.5/kg, while the price of ocean freight was around RMB 10, and the price gap was obvious.

Advantage ②: Stable logistics timeliness.

The logistics and timeliness stability of international railway transportation can be said to be the best.
According to data released by relevant railway departments, the punctuality rate of trains from China to Europe is as high as 99%, and the stability of the timeliness of freight is very guaranteed.
In addition, railway transportation is less affected by natural environmental disasters and has strong continuity.

Advantage ③: A wide range of goods to be carried.

International rail transport can transport all kinds of sensitive items, such as European rail transport, live items, supporting batteries, liquid items, wet tissues, cosmetics and other electrical items. In addition, there are railway channels that can carry pure batteries, which is currently the only railway transportation channel that can carry pure batteries.
Advantage ④: sufficient capacity.

The international railway lifts 15 kg, unlimited weight, can carry more than 100 kg of goods, and has a large carrying capacity. In terms of transportation capacity, more than ten cities in China have opened trains between China and Europe. There are enough trains to reach Europe and there is enough freight capacity.

2. Disadvantages of International Rail Transport
Disadvantage ①: Wide range of mail.

One of the shortcomings of international rail transport is the small range of postal services. Shipping can pass through the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, but railways can only pass through European countries, and other countries are temporarily unable to pass mail, especially North and South American countries, because they are not bordered by the mainland.

Disadvantage ②: slow logistics timeliness

The international railway logistics has a slower time limit. The overall time limit for signing is about 29-35 days, and the fastest route is 19-29 days.

Therefore, for some countries and regions with international railway transportation, it is undoubtedly a good way to reduce the cost of cross-border procurement. It is still very cost-effective to purchase packaging bottles from China at the moment. Welcome to place an order with us.

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