Q: What is your product and technique ?

A: We via injection molding and blowing molding specialize in production, customized various plastic bottles, plastic jars, plastic container, plastic tubes, cosmetic jar, cosmetic container, cosmetic packaging, shampoo bottle, spraying bottle and small metal stamping parts in a variety of materials, shape, color and size.

Q: What is your product apply confines ?

A: Our product be applied to cosmetic, skin care, shampoo, oil, liquid, cream, ointment, powder, solid, beauty parlor, toy, commodity, etc trade, and light industry, auto industry, extractive industry, furniture, OA, etc industries.

Q: What is your metric measure standard of product size and capacity ?

A: We use the gram ( g ) or millilitre ( ml ) denote product capacity, the size / capacity by fill water approximation, we use the millimeter ( mm ) or centimeter ( cm ) denote product dimension.

Q: What is your product capacity ?

A: We can make the jars capacity from 3 gram to 3000 gram and more, the bottle capacity from 3 ml to 3000 ml and more.

Q: How does purchase your existing product or customized my product ?

A-1: Existing product: Please go to choose your favorite product and memorize product code, determine product request (e.g.: color , lids / top, etc.) and order quantity, together with your consignee address, phone, name and port of discharge etc., please email: [email protected]

A-2: Customized your product: Please mailing your existing sample to us . If you have own design drawing ( Include material name, self weight, either color code or sample, size and configuration etc. ), please email: [email protected]

A-3: Once receive your any information or sample, we will send best price and order process to you within 24 hour and continuously follow-up services for you, answer your any problem, until your receive the goods.

Q: Are the product dependable ?

A: Yes, All product are top-quality and quality guaranteed. we have excellent reputation at world, the buyers are satisfied with our product. We think we surely have customers that surrounding you, you can ask our old customers.

Q: Are you the manufacturer ?

A: Yes, we are manufacturer in China.

Q: Do you do retail or wholesale ?

A: In most cases, minimum order quantity must more than 10,000 pieces for each model. the small capacity product ( less than 30ml / g ) must more than 20,000 pieces for each model.

Q: How does change product color ?

A: Please send your color code or sample to us.

Q: How does deliver the goods and international freightage ?

A: We can by sea or by air send your goods to your door or your agent. different country transport costs is different. so please you contact our staff now.

Q: What is Payment Methods ?

A: We accept T/T ( via bank telegraphic transfer ), after you confirm order, We will send the proforma  invoice and the bank account number to you.

Q: How long receive my goods ?

A: The lead time according to the order quantity and process, different order quantity and process have different produce time, After receive your money, we will deliver the goods to you within 15 to 25 working days as soon as possible, and within 7 working days send bill of lading ( for ocean shipping ) to you, the air parcel bill of lading is instant.

Q: Do you have any bottles available in stock?

A: Product title starting with “instock” will be welcomed to order in small quantity, like 500pcs.