Caffeine in Cosmetics

Caffeine in Cosmetics

Caffeine is a xanthine alkaloid compound that is a central nervous system stimulant. In addition to the cardiovascular and nervous systems in the human body being affected by the effects of caffeine, the skin can also be affected by it.

At present, caffeine mainly comes from coffee beans, but it is not the only source. Various teas also contain caffeine, among which black tea and oolong tea have a high caffeine content, which is why some people drink milk tea and cannot sleep.

Caffeine has the effect of stimulating metabolism and accelerating local microcirculation, and more and more products are now adding caffeine, especially eye cream products.

The role of caffeine in skin care

✔️ Improve dark circles

✔️ Eliminates edema

✔️ Antioxidant, anti-aging

✔️ Anti-inflammatory, calms skin

Are caffeine products addictive?

Some people say that with caffeine products, it is very addictive, and the skin will become worse after stopping use?

The fact is that the caffeine in skin care products is impossible to act on the nervous system after being absorbed by the skin, and it is neither refreshing nor addictive! !

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