Can cosmetics still be used if they are left in a car?

Can cosmetics still be used if they are left in a car?

If cosmetics are left in a car for too long, it is not recommended to use them because skincare products are sealed in containers. When placed in a closed car space where the temperature rises, some components of the cosmetics can undergo changes.

Skincare products should ideally be stored in a cool and dry place under normal pressure and humidity. After use, it is important to tightly close the bottle cap. Additionally, it is not advisable to store cosmetics in the bathroom or outdoors, as the high temperature and humidity in these environments can cause mold growth and affect the safety of the products.

What can be done to remedy skincare products affected by high temperatures?

There is no way to remedy skincare products once they have been affected by high temperatures. Therefore, it is important to store skincare products in a place away from direct sunlight and at an appropriate temperature.

Although skincare products undergo high-temperature stages during development, it is still recommended not to store them in high-temperature areas, regardless of whether the packaging has been opened or not. Especially in summer, when purchasing skincare products, some delivery boxes are often exposed to direct sunlight, which can affect the active ingredients inside the products, particularly for serums and similar items. Furthermore, some people tend to store all their skincare and cosmetic products on the bathroom vanity, but this is not advisable because the steam from showers can penetrate the products and also affect their effectiveness.

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