Open new bottle mould or buy current bottle mould design?

Open new bottle mould or buy current bottle mould design?

I believe that long-term customers who order cosmetic packaging have learned that many bottle packaging in this industry is standardized. Many products have the same or similar styles. And most customers are willing to choose these standardized plastic bottles to contain their cosmetics.

So is it necessary for customers to design their own styles, and to open a mold separately?

The following two points are factors for customers to consider.

On the one hand, cost, opening molds requires paying extra mold fees. The complexity of the mold, the number of cavities, and the product design style will affect the mold fees. If your annual purchase volume is not large and does not exceed 100,000, we do not recommend customers to open a new mold, because the annual product sales are too small, the mold costs are not worthwhile.

On the other hand, time, it takes a certain amount of time to develop the mold, which depends on the complexity of the mold you need to open and the number of molds. The more complex, the longer the mold development time, because mold molding takes time, and mold debugging also will take some time, so the time cost is very large, ranging from one or two months to more than a few months. Ordinary companies cannot afford such time cost, and would rather choose some of the existing molds in our factory.

Therefore, whether to develop a new mold requires careful consideration. Keep your costs to a minimum. Generally, big companies choose new molds because their annual purchases are very large. Opening molds can make them have their own company logo packaging which is more conducive to promotion in the market and increase customer recognition. Moreover, the existing molds are all mature molds, and the mold performance is stable, and no problems will occur in use. A new mold may have new problems, especially for plastic bottles with your unique and irregular shapes.

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