Foil seal tube 1.5cm clear PET sealing sticker

Features: Aluminum foil has good shading and strong isolation, and the composition of aluminum is inside, so it also has good oil resistance and softness, non-toxic green environmental protection.

These aluminium foil lids with a sticky ring on a non-stick paper backing.The adhesion is good and a perfectly fine replacement for the “real” lids, which are thinner and more plasticy.

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PET sealing sticker

PET sealing sticker

Material: Aluminum foil
Thickness: 0.05mm
Dimension of instocks:  0.7cm 0.8cm 1.0cm 1.2cm 1.4cm 1.5cm 1.8cm 2.0cm 2.1cm 2.3cm 2.5cm 3cm 4cm 5cm 6cm
Application: Tube/ bottle/ jar /toothpaste
How to use:
1,Keep the tube mouth clean;

2, Peel off the foil seal and stick to the tube mouth;

3, Screw on the lid