What are the precautions when making hot stamping signs?

What are the precautions when making hot stamping signs for cosmetic packaging?

The signs and labels must be centered around the graphics and texts. The graphics and text should be clear, not deformed, and maintain a good image. The difference is the production of hot stamping logos and stamping other products that are only decorative. Pay attention when stamping. The following points:

  1. First clean the surface of the identification label to be stamped. According to the material of the identification label, select the applicable stamping foil, and then determine the stamping temperature according to the type of stamping foil.
  2. First try a few samples, control the depth of the stamping with high-speed stamping pressure, and then locate and lock the controlled depth.
  3. After reaching a certain depth, it is necessary to grasp the stamping time and raise the stamping head quickly. It must be successful once and cannot be repeated. Repeating will make the writing on the signboard blurred, the strokes produce ghosting, and the graphics are not bright.
  4. Embossed embossed identification signs should pay attention to controlling the pressure, especially the softer plastic. Excessive pressure will cause the handwriting to collapse and deform the handwriting. When stamping, the edges and corners of the graphic will not be damaged.

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