Plastic cosmetic tube filling process

Plastic cosmetic tube filling process

General working principle: the neatly placed tube to be filled is automatically inserted into the positioning mold by the automatic feeding device from the large-capacity tube silo, and then the positioning mold rotates with the turntable and stays in different positions. On the workstation. Put the paste to be filled into the closable barrel, and accurately and automatically inject it through the plunger type quantitative filling valve directly connected to the barrel, intermittently staying in the tube on the filling station, the large plate Continue to rotate, and the tubes that have been filled with the material are quickly brought to different sealing stations, and the robots of each station immediately seal the tubes. Different filling capacities can be obtained by adjusting the capacity adjustment table. By replacing different manipulators, the two folded sides of the metal pipe such as aluminum pipe, three-folded side, saddle-shaped folded edge and the like can be completed, and the plastic pipe is completely plastic. The heat sealing of the composite pipe works. After the end of the seal, the typewriter automatically prints the date of production, production batch number and other words on the tail of the tube.

Matters needing attention: In the entire filling and sealing process, filling and sealing two stations are two very worthy of attention, because if they are not operated properly, it will directly lead to leakage of the product. When filling, the material body must not pollute the tube wall; the pressure on the equipment at the time of sealing and the temperature parameters should be properly selected. In advance, it is necessary to combine the processing window of the tube material to find and set the optimum state. Otherwise, the surface of the tube will be white, wrinkled, and the false seal will leak.

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