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Features of plastic co extrusion cosmetic tubes

Plastic co extrusion cosmetic tubes take use of the co-extruding technology to squeeze the different kinds of raw material performance, and form at one time.
It can divided into Single extrusion tube and multilayer extrusion tube(EVOH). Single extrusion tube is used for the cosmetic brand who wants the good looking of the tube, and no have high quality requirement on the tube, like our hand cream and facial cream. But multilayer tube is used for High-grade cosmetics packaging, or some products have strong function. Like food packaging and hairremover tube.
Its advantages:
1)Cause without the edge sealing, the appearance is much better than the Composite tube, that is why high end cosmetics brand like to use this kind of tube.
2)2) According to the die orifice, It can produce different shape of squeezed tube, like oval shape, ultra flat tube etc.

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